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*d2a98d    (2010-03-11) Chatroulette Alternative

Visit for a Chat Roulette alternative

(more options below)

*franzi    (2010-03-17 17:06:50) Chatroulette Alternative

I found an another alternative called ht*p:// It looks cute and it has a friendship function. That's a quite good idea

*07c95b    (2010-03-18 19:59:37)
13 years ago

We have build the best chatroulette clone – ht*p://

I read your project scope with interest.

My feedback as a freelancer is best assessed here -

I am ready to start on your project and can deliver what you need in

I would encourage you to work with someone who has done what you need already and therefore is sure to deliver a solution on time and functionally complete.

Warm regards, team

*4bbec9    (2010-03-22 21:17:02)
13 years ago

Also try ht*p://
This chatroulette competitior also seems fun

*daleki    (2010-04-03 15:42:12)
12 years ago

Hallo Chattino finde ich Klasse

*luvata    (2010-04-04 23:12:44)
12 years ago

There are other cams as well at


*cynthia    (2010-04-09 01:19:42) Chatroulette Alternative

This site ht*p://
is like chatroulette but with better search features.

*rufoba    (2010-04-10 23:50:34)
Chatroulette Market is the BEST

ht*p:// here you find them all ;)

*jabba    (2010-04-15 17:18:59)
12 years ago

i like best - besides chatroulette ;)

*xogufa    (2010-04-15 19:54:23)
12 years ago

Fussballfans: Ihr habt jetzt eine eigene und kostenlose "Chatroulette"-Alternative. Hier: darf ab Samstag 20 Uhr diskutiert werden. Warum die Uhrzeit? Vorher ist noch nichts los und die Spiele laufen noch. Sag den anderen deine Meinung zum Spiel, wer sollte beim nächsten Mal auf der Tribüne bleiben?

*fan-fan    (2010-04-16 10:44:59)
Chatroulette Alternative Sport

ht*p:// Hier geht's im Webcam-Zufalls-Chat um den Sport, ab Samstag 20 Uhr (nach den Spielen der 1. Fussballbundesliga)

*jaap    (2010-04-22 17:58:19) Chatroulette Alternative

I found an another alternative called

*tavuka    (2010-04-23 11:12:37)
12 years ago

There is another one called anochat

*dibepa    (2010-05-10 09:33:13)
12 years ago

Big list of CR alternatives here.

*fotepe    (2010-05-14 04:59:18)
12 years ago

im only 15, and im ready to mingle on cam !

*ligice    (2010-05-19 22:57:50)
12 years ago

a good alternative to chatroulette is w.w.w.coldtube.c.o.m

*vemopa    (2010-06-04 03:56:59) Chatroulette Alternative

hi how is an elephant today

*ivan    (2010-06-17 20:48:44)
12 years ago

ht*p:// offers users the option to create his/her own groups. Groups can be public or private.

Currently, the site has a World Cup theme, which seems fitting for the moment.

I like it, anyway. Fewer "naked man" surprises! :)

*kunape    (2010-07-08 18:22:17)
12 years ago

hi is anyone there lol

*nomoce    (2010-07-31 05:18:20)
12 years ago

I just found  ht*p://

They have a multi-chat feature that you can view chatroulette multiple times on the same page.

There are tons of user submitted videos and screenshots of people captured on webcam doing funny and crazy stuff.

This is by far the best site I have found so far.

*50cams    (2010-08-13 05:28:11)
12 years ago

Well, A much better looking alternative is ht*p:// It has more features, and have a much better design. I can say that it is the most good looking of all (I mean, between Chatroulette, Shoffle People, Hey people etc.) Most of those sites are on a simple, white background, but this one is different.

*basori    (2010-09-01 01:51:12) Chatroulette Alternative

ht*p:// is my favorite alternative chatroulette site by far. Its not just another random video chat site or clone. has user submitted videos and screenshots from all the other chatroulette sites. Its sort of like Youtube for random video chat. also has multi-chat. You can view multiple partners webcams on the same page at the same time. The multi-chat feature is constantly updated offering multi-chats for all other chat sites also.

To top it all off, Chatshock also has its own random video chat service making it your one stop place for everything.

*divudo    (2010-09-01 21:20:01)
12 years ago neXt generation video chatting plattform!

Its free and fast video chatting - Enjoy!

*mutivo    (2010-09-02 03:51:32)
12 years ago

Here's another one, that is rather different: ht*p://

It allows you to rate who's friendly, interesting and/or good looking, and allows you to collect this 'awesomeness' yourself. The more awesome you are, the more the system will let you filter for other awesome people.

What do you think - is it better than the rest? I'd say so.. (At least if you're not into penises, that is ;))

*vibeso    (2010-11-06 00:29:59)
12 years ago
is the best chatroulette alternative I've found, despite still in development.
I give it a few weeks before it's a top website. offers much more than a simple chatroulette, it's actually clean and is more like a Skype program, too.

*celule    (2010-11-08 13:19:24)
12 years ago

This chatroulette alternative
is the best I've found, despite still in development.
I give it a few weeks before it's a top website.
It offers much more than a simple chatroulette, it's actually clean and is more like a Skype program, too.  It includes some other features like games and stuff so give it a try...

*remofe    (2010-12-03 08:06:11)
Actual link to a good alternative

Hey, this alternative is very good, you can go to this link to try the chatroulette alternative
There is also more to it. Like games. Conferencing. And more... There are already a LOT of registered members, this is a huge success I think and I use this website also as a skype alternative because you can make video calls and add contacts to your list.

*divyanshu    (2011-01-07 22:17:37)
12 years ago

Chatroulette and Omegle are worthless these days.Chatroulette is banning its members for no cause. This had mad website really very difficult to access. Chatroulette is providing no customer care or support feature. I hope you understand

According to me Best Alternate to Chatroulette is :-


*dazoto    (2011-02-19 03:08:21)
12 years ago is the most modern alternative I have found.

*goseta    (2011-03-11 07:23:19)
12 years ago

a great alternative is Its got a great design!

*bixusi    (2011-06-22 09:34:01)
11 years ago

For you girls and boys chat x best chatroulette website special hot sex , website with camtocam , totally anonymous and free amateur sex

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