Call referee button response time


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Garvin Gray    (2014-07-05)
Call referee button, response time

This comes from the chat bar.

Currently a player has thirty days to make a move when their opponent has used the call referee button.

An opponent will usually only hit the button in situations of forced mate (DMD) and are seeking that the game be adjudicated in their favour.

I stated that the time period is too long.

Thibault responded that not all players play at the same rhythm.

This is irrelevant in my opinion. The issue is quite simple. One player in the game has hit the call referee button.

In these situations, the rules can quite easily be changed to state that after the call referee button has been hit and the other player contacted, the other player has a maximum seven days to make a move.

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-07-11 01:06:42)
Call referee button, response time

30 days was chosen because it was the initial number of vacation days (as far as I remember). What if a player takes successive days of vacation? What if a player cannot play during this short period? We had many discussions that concluded into the idea that the human (referee) factor should be reduced at minimum. This clearly goes the other way.