CSS Style Properties

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*cssparam    (2008-12-16)
CSS Style Properties


Here are the most common CSS Style Properties (Parameters), very useful. A small example to display hints in forms :

<input type="text" name="username" size="15" value="Your username" style="color: #AAAAAA; font-style: italic;" onfocus="if (this.value == 'Your username') {this.value=''; this.style.color='#000000'; this.style.fontStyle='normal';}">

Text properties

text-transform : Sets the case of the text (capitalize, uppercase, lowercase, none)

vertical-align : Aligns the element vertically to the baseline (baseline, sub, super, top, text-top, middle, bottom, text-bottom)

text-align : Aligns the element horizontally across the page or within division (left, right, center, justify)

text-indent : Sets the amount of indent for the first line of a text block (XX units)

line-height : Specifies the distance between baselines of consecutive lines of text (normal, XX units)

word-spacing : Allows to control the space between words (normal, XX units)

letter-spacing : Allows to control the space between letters (normal, XX units)

text-decoration : See parameters (underline, overline, line-through, blink, none)

Font properties

font-family : Specifies the font family, or typeface, to use for the element (futura, helvetica, arial, sans-serif...)

font-style : Specifies the style of type to use for the element (normal, italic, oblique)

font-variant : Allows to select the small caps style of the typeface (normal, small-caps)

font-weight : Allows to select the weight or boldness of the font (lighter, normal, bold, bolder)

font-size : Allows to select the size of the type in the font (XX units)

Color and Background Properties

color: Sets the color of the element (color name or HEX)

background-color : Sets the color for the background of the element (color name or HEX)

background-image : Specifies an image to use for the background of an element (url(URL))

background-repeat : Specifies how and if a background image is repeated (repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y, no-repeat)

background-attachment : Allows to attach the background image so that it doesn't scroll (scroll, fixed)

background-position : Sets the initial position of the background image (top, center, bottom, left, center, right)

Placement Properties

margin-top : Places the top margin of the element (XX units, auto)

margin-bottom : Places the bottom margin of the element (XX units, auto)

margin-left : Places the left margin of the element (XX units, auto)

margin-right : Places the right margin of the element (XX units, auto)

padding-top : Inserts padding at the top of the element (XX units, auto)

padding-bottom : Inserts padding at the bottom of the element (XX units, auto)

padding-left : Inserts padding along the left side of the element (XX units, auto)

padding-right : Inserts padding along the right side of the element (XX units, auto)

Table Properties

border-width : Sets the width of the element's border (thin, medium, thick, none)

border-style : Sets the style of the element's border (none, dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset)

border-color : Sets the color of the element's border (color name or HEX)

border, border-top, border-bottom, border-left, border-right : Sets the width, color, and style of the border simultaneously (width value, style value, color value)

height : Sets the height of the element (XX units)

width : Sets the width of the element (XX units)

float : Places the element to the left or right and flows text around it (right, left, none)

clear : Prevents text from flowing around an element (right, left, none)

Classification Properties

display : Specifies the category of object an element belongs to (none, block, inline, list-item)

white-space : Describes how white space should be handled within the block elements (normal, pre, nowrap)

list-style-type : Sets the type of symbol that appears in front of a list item (disc, circle, square, decimal, lower-roman, upper-roman, lower-alpha, upper, alpha)

list-style-image : Selects a specific image to serve as a bullet in front of list items (url(URL))

list-style-position : Describes how the bullet marker and text in a list line up with each other (inside, outside)

(more options below)

*kanigi    (2010-06-05 19:17:32)
CSS Style Properties

Thanks for this list, that is helpful.

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