Browser password issue


Browser password issue

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Garvin Gray    (2010-06-16)
Browser password issue


Was wondering if anyone is experiencing this issue.

For the last few days or so, my net browser, be it either firefox or google chrome will not keep my password stored.

This means each time I need to keep having to ask for a new password, which gets very frustrating having to do this with each session login.

Does anyone know why this is occurring? I am using the left login option most of the time.

Josef Riha    (2010-06-16 12:42:46)
Browser password issue

Hello Garvin, I hope it's not a silly question, but is it possible you have disabled cookies?

Garvin Gray    (2010-06-16 14:13:15)
Browser password issue

I do not believe it is a cookie issue.

The issue is the same in both firefox and chrome.

In the latest firefox version, I go to tools-options and under privacy, I have showing=

History- Firefox will- and the drop down option I have chosen is: Remember history.

Then it says that Firefox will remember your browsing etc etc etc.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-06-16 14:19:03)
Browser password issue

Hi Garvin,

Actually from the start of FICGS, the left login form did never store the password because it is a security issue... The right form stores it.

As for me I always use the left login and retype my password each time, I prefer like this.

Daniel Parmet    (2010-06-22 18:14:36)
Browser password issue

Hi Garvin i've had the same issue but I find if I wait another 30 seconds or so it loads my password eventually.