Boris Spassky vs Viktor Korchnoi


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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-12-20)
Boris Spassky vs. Viktor Korchnoi

Entitled the "Battle of the Giants", a match just started in Elista (Kalmykia) between the 10th World Champion Boris Spassky (aged of 72), and Viktor Korchnoi (now aged of 78, multiple World Championship challenger mainly during the Karpov era, but still active in competitive play).

Korchnoi won the first game, game two ended in a draw. This kind of match is always a pleasure to follow for long time chess fans :)

Here is the first game !

Hannes Rada    (2009-12-22 20:02:59)

I have never been a fan of Korchnoi and his defensive style, also Spassky is not my favourite player .....

But anyway quite immpressive for age 78 ...
And if a defensive player, then the most weird one - Tigran Petrosjan and his very strange and passive style.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-12-27 14:13:04)
Final result

The match ended on a 4-4 score.

All details -