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Books for GO beginners

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Michael Aigner    (2007-03-21)
Books for GO beginners

Hello everybody, I am looking for a a beginners book to learn go. Any recommendations? Thank┤s a lot Michael

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-21 12:13:29)

I don't know much about books, but here are some good internet places to start IMO :


http://www.jeudego.org (french)

Google search :


Michael Aigner    (2007-03-21 16:58:07)
Thanks :-)

Hello Thibault, thank you for the links they helped a lot. Michael

Svante Carl von Erichsen    (2007-03-28 03:16:54)
More links

http://senseis.xmp.net (a go wiki) http://playgo.to/interactive (very good introduction) For books, you might browse e.g. http://www.hebsacker-verlag.de/ Further links can be found at the DGoB-homepage (Deutscher Go-Bund): http://www.dgob.de/golinks.htm

Mikhail Ruzin    (2007-03-28 20:03:49)
Nice link