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Bobby Fischer\'s IQ

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Jason Repa    (2007-07-15)
Bobby Fischer's IQ

"In previous writings I have cited Fischer's I.Q. as in the range of 180, a very high genius. My source of information is impeccable: a highly regarded political scientist who coincidentally happened to be working in the grade adviser's office at Erasmus Hall - Bobby Fischer's high school in Brooklyn - at the time Fischer was a student there. He had the opportunity to study Fischer's personal records and there is no reason to believe his figure is inaccurate. Some critics have claimed that other teachers at Erasmus Hall at that time remember the figure to be much lower; but who the teachers are and what figures they remember have never been made clear."
The Chess of Bobby Fischer (c) 1975 by Frank Brady

Wayne Lowrance    (2007-07-16 20:28:55)
simply fascinating reading


Robert Mueller    (2007-07-20 15:21:14)
Bobby Fischer

Very interesting reading, indeed. I like the story about the phone call with the Islandic girl. What I admire most about Fischer is, that he made chess interesting for the whole world in a time when it was dominated very much by the Russians (or Soviets).

Jason Repa    (2007-07-22 06:24:21)
Bobby Fischer Radio Interviews

The complete set of Bobby Fischer radio interviews can be streamed here: