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Charlie Neil    (2006-12-31)
Blitz Chess on Ficgs

Hello Thibault,"10 moves in one hour". Starting next year. I am intrigued. That would be something! All those dull Sunday afternoon in January and Februuary just crying out for something like this. Tell me more.

Elmer Valderrama    (2006-12-31 11:01:04)
Blitz CC

It looks like half-way between chessbase freestyle and rapid CC time control, personally would prefer the old OTB control of 2h + 30min for 40 moves + 1h for 20 with adjourn; or similar TC.

Another time control variation on the 10moves/1h format would be to add an adjourn (suspend for a later specified time), this could be done after 4 hours of playing (or 6 hours) Then, players meet the next day after some home analysis for continuation with the same format (+ second adj after 4h or 6h)

I presume Thibault will enlighten us soon on this subject.

However I think it would be nice to let the player choose a time control for a chess challenge (duel) so all flavours and individual tastes are met.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-12-31 14:53:21)
Blitz correspondence chess

Hello Charlie & Elmer.

Still thinking about it, I don't think it should look like standard OTB time control, some points are :

- How many games played at the same time (2-game match or tournament) ?

- Entries in waiting list will have a life period (someone agrees the challenge in the next hour, if not it's canceled)

- Adjournment is a big issue... It could cause many problems :/

- Too many time controls is not good IMO.

Elmer Valderrama    (2007-01-02 18:41:01)
Blitz correspondence chess

Do the games have to be played at the same time?

I mean if the time format is 4-6 hours per game, a 2-game match will be over in two days (weekend?), and a tournament of 6 rounds -in a week (or two weekends)..

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-02 19:34:16)
Blitz correspondence chess

It has not, you're right... but 2 games / 2 days may cause some problems...

Maybe a unique game - unrated - with the player who entered the waiting list first playing White could be a good solution.

Elmer Valderrama    (2007-01-02 20:43:37)
Blitz correspondence chess

Programming problems you mean?

In a 1-game match I would gladly play Black all the time :) -provided that if draw Black "wins" of course-

It's tricky to make a fair 1-game match; the old proposal of giving odds to White (first two consecutive moves in a MUST WIN -other result loses- situation) would give White -I reckon- 60-to-70% chance to win, which is about the same odds as playing Black for a draw. But it's something new, which could be tested. Here I could play Black just to try to prove me wrong, lol.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-03 01:08:07)
Blitz correspondence chess

Of course not :)

I mean I don't think everyone can play 2 games one 'today' and one 'tomorrow', or even be sure they really could play 'tomorrow'... There would be problems for sure with a "rendez-vous" system.

The advantage of playing White is probably not much greater (maybe not greater at all) than playing Black and to know who's your opponent, particularly with a standard time control, what do you think ?

Anyway everything is possible if no solution is clearly best, but we must avoid the old proposal with White playing ie. the 2 first moves IMO. It may be a funny variant to offer, but this is not real chess game.

Elmer Valderrama    (2007-01-03 11:00:42)
Blitz correspondence chess

Well, as long as it's an unrated chess game, you can call it Silver Thematic and virtually any variation would qualify as a real chess game..

The way the winner is chosen in a 1-game (or 2-game for that matter) match is what is debatable, it's a little advantage to have White that's why having Black would be good if the color decides.

I think that players would agree to enter a tournament under some conditions (e.g. as playing on Satuday 3pm & Sunday 3pm), people were/are happy to enter the Chessbase "marathon" (freestyle with 3 rounds per day) and most here hang around making several moves per day in their CC games every day, so it's a matter of agreement about the appropiate time (easier to achieve with just two players (2-game match) than a tournament of course)

Maybe a poll would help although the players who would enter these events may not be even registered to FICGS yet, lol

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-03 12:04:10)
Blitz correspondence chess

Actually I'm thinking about 1-game match in the classical way, there will be draws, hard to avoid it. "Silver thematic" is a good idea for another category (ie. with no draws). About tournaments with several rounds / several days, well, why not... maybe later :)

Charlie Neil    (2007-01-03 23:04:06)
Blitz Chess on Ficgs

Hello Thibault and New Year greetings to you and your team. Blitz on ficgs. I've beeen thinking, would it be possible to have "real time" games? The human element is the difficult one there. As for the tournament set-up, how about a six round swiss system? Speaking as one down in the ratings basement, single pairings with a rapid time limit in the swiss pairing set-up would be fun. Setting games between opponents on a real time basis I imagine will be very difficult so, what about a really rapid time limit tourney 10 days plus a day a move. I'm sure there lots of options available. Well it's just a thought. No one likes drawing in a Swiss tourney, you have to play for the win!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-03 23:57:33)
Blitz Chess

Hello Charlie, happy new year :)

What do you mean 'real time' games ? What about a time control like 10 moves / 1 hour or 40 moves / 2 hours ?

I'm not sure to understand the point... Swiss system means 6 rounds not played at the same time with complex pairings. Not usual in correspondence chess. Anyway, quite hard to win a round-robin with draws, isn't it :)

Charlie Neil    (2007-01-04 12:07:29)
Blitz Chess on Ficgs

Hello Thibault, By "Real Time" I mean both players are on the site, at the board at the same time. " The rendez-vous system" as you called it. The Swiss system of pairings by rating and then the second round having the winnners play the winners and those with no points play each other and so on into the next 4 rounds just may work I think, draws are then discouraged. If it is possible to play 40 moves in two hours on this site that would be brilliant! But how about 2 hours each for the whole game! Games lasting 4 hours maximum would be a challenge, and maybe fun. Along with the correspendence chess features. Ficgs would have it all! But then "you may call me a dreamer but I'm not the only one".

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-04 12:43:32)
Blitz Chess


Yes, it's possible... I've to implement some things (auto-refresh of 'My games' page in case of a fast game in the list, maybe with a pop-up window), but 2 hours for the whole game may be hard due to the way to send moves... 10 moves / 1 hour or 40 moves / 2 hours could be interesting.

Miguel Pires    (2007-01-04 14:35:29)
Blitz Chess

I think the best is 2h/40 moves One more thing, you can create tournament's/match with the help of engines (Freestyle) and without engines. what you think?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-04 15:22:29)
Blitz Chess

Without engines ? .. definitely not. It does not exist, unfortunately !