Bill Gates chess and Go


Bill Gates, chess and Go

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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-11-17)
Bill Gates, chess and Go

Billionaire Bill Gates cites go as one of his personal failures. "When I was young... I wanted to be the world's best chess player and, of course, I didn't succeed. I wanted to be the world's best Go player, I've had plenty of disappointments", Gates said in his 1997 book, Bill Gates Speaks: Insight from the world's greatest entrepreneur (page 227)

Just read in the AGA newsletter.

Did he really try ? Any FIDE or AGA rating ? :)

Don Groves    (2009-11-18 05:01:43)
Bil Gates

The man was so attached to Microsoft, it's a wonder he had time to even think of anything else. He did play in a few duplicate bridge tournaments later in his working life.

A former co-worker of mine told me he was turned down for a job at Microsoft because "he had too many outside interests." Gates was once quoted as saying "If a programmer doesn't spend all his waking time thinking about making his program better, he hasn't got religion."