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Big Chess

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Pavel Hase    (2009-11-30)
Big Chess

I not can find complette rules.
Whitout castling?
And en passant?
Probably change figur value:
My guess, if N=3 (slow for board 16x16), then B=5-6, R=10-12, Q=22-30 ....

William Taylor    (2009-11-30 20:05:49)
Already discussed

Hi Pavel. The question of big chess piece values has already been discussed in this thread:

As for castling and en passant - castling is not allowed, and I'm unsure about en passant.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-11-30 21:18:17)
Big chess rules

Hi Pavel,

When you enter a big chess tournament waiting list, it is specified "(...) The special rule is no castling is possible", so by default, en passant is authorized like in regular chess.

It is not so clear though, so I'll add it in the rules, thanks for pointing it out :)