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Big Chess

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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-25)
Big Chess

Finally, Big Chess tournaments waiting list is open !

If you like to play without chess engines and against human players only, you may try this really interesting variant of chess. (unrated games)

Have a look at these Big Chess events by clicking 'Tournaments', then 'FICGS__CHESS__SPECIAL_EVENTS' :


Have good big chess games :)

Ovidiu Baron    (2007-03-01 16:12:17)
Big chess. An idea!

Interesting game, but I think the Big chess has a small(?) problem, the 16 squares on the vertical. It takes too much time to bring the pawns into the game, and the risk is that they will not participate at the "battle" at all. Wouldn't be more efficient to reduce the vertical lines a little bit, maybe not to 8 squares, because of the central knights positioning, but to 10 or 12?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-02 11:57:24)
Big chess. An idea

I saw another chess variant with about 16 squares on the horizontal and 8 lines on the vertical... I don't feel it's interesting enough... A kind of "double-chessboard". But you're right, pawns won't participate in the opening battle... What's interesting IMO is the many ways the middle game could happen :)

Now I'm discussing "theory" with some of my opponents.. :)