Beginners Tips for SEO

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bowencrispin    (2010-09-03)
Beginners Tips for SEO

There really is no secret sauce when it comes to search engine optimization. There are however some important efforts that every new website owner or SEO beginner should be doing when it comes to getting their message out.

Meta Tags: Every meta tag on your website should always be unique. I come across websites all the time where all the meta tag information is exactly the same throughout the entire website which is a very horrible approach. Keeping all your meta information unique on every page of your website is important in order to pull in different amounts of traffic. A successful product page is not going to have the same meta information as your home page. Keeping your meta information different will allow your website to pull in different types of visitors over time. You should always identify all your targeted keywords for your web pages prior to starting the process of onsite optimization. It is important to execute this correctly because it will set the path for all your future website visitors.

First Keyword: Whatever your first word in that meta tag keyword section is should be the first word in your meta title tag. This allows the search engines to realize that the word has high importance for your SEO strategy and more weight will be put on that word. It gives your search engine optimization that much more of an ability to really rank for those designated keywords in search results.

H1 Tags: Don’t forget to use H1 tags on your pages. An H1 tag is a bolded header sitting above any piece of content that acts as a title. You always want to incorporate a keyword into this area as tastefully as possible and you don’t want to over stuff your keywords. Bolded paragraph headers often times have really nice SEO weight when it comes to search spiders reading and ranking material.

Interlink: Don’t forget to interlink your pages throughout your website. Interlinking is a very important component of SEO and you always want to hyperlink keywords that appear naturally in the copy of your website and link those keywords to other important pages of your website. Interlinking your website will allow your site to look like a giant spider web. Interlinking creates shortcuts to important pages of your website which search engines really like. Plus the user experience will increase allowing web readers to find other important pages much quicker than having to look for them.

Launch A Blog: Search engines tend to really like blogs. It is a nice healthy way to add new fresh content to your website and keep your web traffic engaged. Plus if your blog is on your website you can interlink important pages from your site right into your post helping with your internal linking structure. Over time your blog posts will really start to rank in search results bringing in new streams of targeted web traffic. If you ever decide to enter the social realm of marketing your business your individual blog posts will be a great way to leverage your social audience and let them know you have arrived.

Alt Tags: Don’t forget to optimize your website images for image search. Each image on a website has an opportunity for some keyword placement. The best approach is when you can describe exactly what is going on in the image while tastefully using your targeted industry keywords.

URL Structures: Don’t forget to properly optimize your URL structures when you are optimizing your website. If you have launched a new website than this shouldn’t be a problem. If you website is aged make sure your web pages are not ranking currently before you change the URL structures because you could see a dip in rankings.

In a nut shell these are very important efforts to focus on when either first starting a new website or optimizing an old one. This will allow your site to run like a well oiled machine when it comes to the search engine results.

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richardswright    (2010-10-12 23:25:59)
Beginners Tips for SEO

To beginners only i can say that to optimize your website do On-page and Off-page optimization for your website..


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carsonbryce    (2010-10-22 19:25:26)
13 years ago

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richardhobb    (2010-11-23 06:51:35)
13 years ago

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anderson24    (2010-12-08 21:50:26)
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tonychris    (2010-12-28 11:58:39)
13 years ago

Search engine optimization is not about "fooling" search engines. The tactics and strategies we publish are legitimate - the "bleeding edge" techniques that you will come across in SEOP (Search Engine Optimization Professional) discussion forums are better left to a time when you have a greater understanding of the subject and are prepared to take the associated risks.

The bottom line is that search engine marketing doesn't have to take up too much of your time - follow simple guidelines and keep the phrase "content is king" close to mind and you should see your web site traffic steadily increase.


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healthtourism    (2011-05-05 09:37:19)
Beginners Tips for SEO

Great tips for beginner, please give some advance tips as well.

healthtourism    (2011-05-05 11:39:42)
12 years ago

How to get edu & gov links?

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charlottemanage    (2011-06-14 21:45:15)
12 years ago

Read more and more seo blogs and forums.

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johndesuza    (2011-09-29 07:58:25)
12 years ago

Welcome to the SEO for Beginners Session. Its great you have decided to learn this online technique to earn money through simple seo process. Well I hope I can explain everything very clearly. It is complicated at first, if you have not ever used, but after some time you will feel everything very easy. Please keep it mind, seo is a simple, easy but time consuming process.

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