Anybody in USA want my computers


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George Jempty    (2018-03-16)
Anybody in USA want my computers?

Wondering if anybody in the USA I could ship to would be interested in buying my 2 desktop computers? They're a couple of years old but haven't been used in about a year. They were instrumental in me rising from the low 1900s to the low 2200s without a defeat along the way, and one of them has Houdini on it. They cost me about $1000 each but I would sell the two of them as a package for $900 and to make it official we could do it over eBay. I'm away from home for another week so can't get the exact specs until then, just trying to gauge interest between now and then.

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-03-16 16:39:51)
Anybody in USA want my computers?

Way too far to be a candidate but yes, exact specs are probably worth to know (and I'm curious about it)...