Anti spam form without captcha

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*rocky5    (2009-01-22)
Anti spam form without captcha


I'm looking for some new ways to make a secure anti-spam form without captcha, I know a few ways, but I'd like to find others.

Here's what I implemented :

- Hidden field with the date then verification by PHP (a human can't post in milliseconds)
- Hidden empty field to be filled by bots with CSS style="display:none"

Also what's the effect of this line ?

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" onClick="this.form.submit(); this.disabled=true;">

Thanks !

(more options below)

*0642c4    (2009-02-24 19:16:31)

The aim of this line is only to prevent a user to post the same content twice!

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" onClick="this.form.submit(); this.disabled=true;">

*847dd7    (2009-05-25 14:30:53)

Chrome still doesn't support Linux-based systems ht*p:// . I'm really disappointed that they haven't yet released version of Chrome with native Linux support. Seems like they’re missing a large audience until they do.

*f135a7    (2010-01-05 15:45:23)
14 years ago

ht*p:// the best anti captcha sample

kadir41    (2010-04-28 16:19:34)
14 years ago

I don't know how work scripts for this purpose, but I have done very good protection for my site with form creator and captcha.

*notan    (2010-12-28 20:12:44)
13 years ago

I'd like to introduce the conceptually new captcha from
- Free of charge service with free online support,
- Easy and entertaining for human,
conceptually unbreakable for automated bots,
- Nontransferable to 3d parties (required for human solution by sweatshops),
- Lossless (filled by a visitor data, like username, password, etc.,  is preserved in case of incorrect solution),
- many other features and levels of protection.

*pukabi    (2019-07-31 10:34:37)
Anti spam form without captcha

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