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Thibault de Vassal    (2018-11-30)
AlphaZero 2.0

Looks like a new version of AlphaZero is to be "released"... don't know much about it, all links are welcome. It would reach about 3600 elo, to compare with its previous version and with the last Stockfish (I guess that we will never see a human/computer match again ^^).!topic/lczero/bRlSX5nYqv8

William Taylor    (2018-12-06 22:50:39)
AlphaZero 2.0

The result seems very conclusive again. For those who were concerned about the time control last time, that has been addressed. A couple of news articles:

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-12-07 02:36:32)
AlphaZero 2.0

And of course the article on the Deepmind's website:

Ilmars Cirulis    (2018-12-07 12:53:29)
AlphaZero 2.0

wow, much thanks for the links!!

Abdulsamad Sujas    (2019-03-02 17:54:14)
AlphaZero 2.0

What you posted is not Alpha zero. It is Leela zero, which is same as alpha zero in terms of using neural networks.
It learns by playing itself

Google Leela zero to get info. It is free engine, and need some software knowledge to install. There are YouTube videos and some sites. Find by yourself
. I was using it in my system but problem it is losing on time. Don't know why. But it is now rated no.2 in cc engine matches. Just neck to neck with stockfish.

Abdulsamad Sujas    (2019-03-02 17:57:17)
AlphaZero 2.0

William Taylor    (2019-03-05 22:27:10)
AlphaZero 2.0

Hi Abdulsamad. No... we were all posting about AlphaZero. You are the one who posted about Leela!
Certainly another interesting engine - let's see if it approaches AlphaZero's level.