Alcala wins 1st Centaur Weekend Tourney


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Thibault de Vassal    (2015-05-15)
Alcala wins 1st Centaur Weekend Tourney

Our freestyle chess champion Alvin Alcala just did it again at InfinityChess server by convincingly winning the last freestyle tournament that took place on May 8th, 2015. Frank Karl Werner finished 2nd, half a point from Alvin.

All details are reported by GM Arno Nickel... One notable thing is that all players used either Stockfish 6 or Komodo 9, most probably the strongest chess engines these days.

Congrats once again Alvin, your results are definitely not the fruit of chance :)

Alvin Alcala    (2015-05-15 03:49:21)
Alcala wins 1st Centaur Weekend Tourney

Thank you Thib! :)

To those who might get interested to join the remaining grand prix freestyle chess tour schedule is below.

Planned tour dates:
(Friday til Sunday)
CWT 2: June 5th - June 7th
CWT 3: July 3rd - July 5th
CWT 4: August 7th August 9th
CWT 5: September 4th September 6th
CWT 6: October 2nd October 4th
CWT 7: November 6th November 8th
CWT 8: December 4th - December 6th