Advanced chess game project


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Gultekin Gumusyazici    (2008-12-28)
Advanced chess game project

A. Primitives about common chess. 1-Although there is at least 50 more variation of chess game. They are not evaluated as common as standard.(Since they have no software with bot players that is strong as human at those variations, And Standart chess players have no tendency for them cause they re not up enough yet with that stupid standart chess game which is most suitable for software. Or might them be less intelligent as expected?) 2-Rules are rules even they are meaningless. 3-It reflects only bi-dimentional thinking. 4-Mostly depend on probability. (Remind you that probabiliy is a tool applied only known data- "not unknown") 5-No one complains much. (That is Conservation, And it is against the realization of Universe and science). 6-.............. To start with responsing against me please fill your facts about chess here. Then we can evaluate fact about chess. To develop advanced chess rules that mostly suits human to enlight his abilities not robots.

Gultekin Gumusyazici    (2008-12-30 17:18:11)
I am full concerned about it that

Chess is an Statistical game not mathematical. . As, However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. (Wind stone at Church hill) say. That is why bot players need statistical image databases.