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Thibault de Vassal    (2017-01-11)
Adjudications & 7 pieces tablebases

Hi all,

Just a reminder about reasons why some games may be not adjudicated even when the result is announced thanks to 7 pieces (or 6 pieces, 5 pieces...) tablebases:

- FICGS chess rules are slightly different from FIDE rules (no 50 moves rule), so an announced draw may not be a draw here.
- According to the rules, any player (who may not use engines or tablebases) has the right to see the game going until a "quite" clear position.

But any player who estimates that the result of the game is known can call the referee to shorten the game.

Garvin Gray    (2017-01-25 01:02:13)
Adjudications & 7 pieces tablebases

Thibault. On this forum, we have agreed that a player can claim for a position to be adjudicated as a win/draw when the 6 piece position is displayed on the board.

The reason for this is that the all 6 piece positions have been solved and can be freely confirmed by anyone, such as using

ICCF has now moved quite a while ago to allowing 6 piece claims as well.

7 piece claims are still not allowed as all positions have not been solved, and the positions that have, are not freely available to the general public (from my understanding).

Thibault de Vassal    (2017-01-25 15:30:58)
Adjudications & 7 pieces tablebases

And if I remember well, we agreeded that a player can claim an adjudication in this case, but the adjudication will be effective 30 days after the 2nd claim if needed (at least because all players do not use engines or tablebases websites and can be interested in playing it). That's specified in the rules.

Herbert Kruse    (2017-10-22 14:13:40)
Adjudications & 7 pieces tablebases

i like the truth, so i like:

no 50 moves rule here, because if its won it should be won

but if a tablebase can tell the truth all should be used at once

Garvin Gray    (2017-11-01 15:42:29)
Adjudications & 7 pieces tablebases

Since no one else has answered this. The reason why 7 piece tablebases are not yet used as declared results is two fold:

1) All positions have not yet been completely solved. This is my understanding at this point in time. Even if this point is now incorrect, please refer to point 2

2) The positions are not freely available and able to be reviewed to verify that a position is a draw or win for the claimant. At this point in time, this is possible for all 6 man positions, with sites like shredder tablebases site, for instance. Just copy your fen in as the arbiter and up come the result.

This type of resource does not yet exist for 7 man endings and until it does, 7 man adjudications will remain outside the rulings of official decisions.

Thibault de Vassal    (2017-11-01 17:30:51)
Adjudications & 7 pieces tablebases

Makes sense. Thanks Garvin!

Daniel Parmet    (2017-11-15 16:49:03)
Adjudications & 7 pieces tablebases

1) is not true. All seven pieces have been solved. Some ICCF tournaments at the start specify whether 7 or 6 is used which generally depends on who is sponsoring and directing the tournament (re point 2).