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About Pinformant

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Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-15)
About Pinformant

Dear chessfriends,

Please receive my apologies for a stupid bug that happened yesterday (my entire fault). Some of you may have received an invitation twice for a new social network (pinformant.com) that is dedicated to help to promote FICGS on the internet [technically Pinformant is actually a part of FICGS]. That will not happen again!

A few words on this new website: Pinformant is a kind of "social browser" where it is possible to share and discuss full web pages (soon applications and games) displayed into a single page. It quite looks like a basic social network, but the display is quite new as far as I know - It is also a way to boost shared websites traffic instead of simply "stealing" their content.

Why this new website: I needed a website able to gather more people to have the means (thanks to advertisement) to make a better promotion for FICGS. So your help & participation is warmly welcomed anyway.

Any feedback is welcome as well! Thanks in advance.

Garvin Gray    (2012-04-16 17:37:09)
About Pinformant

Ok, I signed up a couple of days ago and have looked at it a few times. Have to admit that at this stage I just do not get this.

At the moment I can see a chessbase article on the World Champs, Kramnik on his thoughts about current players and the ficgs home page.

What am I to do now to maximise how to use this new place? And how does this help get more chess players to ficgs?

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-16 22:08:04)
About Pinformant

I agree that the site's purpose is not clear enough yet, I have much to do in this way... But one thing is clear, this website has nothing to do with chess but if you personaly use it this way (like I do)!

The interest is (IMHO) that if you like to share web stuff with friends but do not like the way of Facebook e.g. by using real name, things about private life & so on... This is one more alternative. The main difference with similar social networks is that you share full web pages instead of extracts (saves time, boost sites traffic).

To fully use it, like in every social network, you must have friends (so you probably need to invite friends, that can be done easily thanks to a really great script named Adiinviter - that will be used at FICGS very soon). That way the site may become viral - after some work, we'll see.

How it helps FICGS: This year I launched several websites in this aim and one thing is still missing: a massive source of visitors, in other words a big sponsor! Advertising is quite expensive and it will help this way. So you'll see changes here as fast as Pinformant's traffic will increase...

Garvin Gray    (2012-04-29 16:51:39)
About Pinformant

Ok, I still do not get this site. So I will ask an obvious question.

How do we find each other on that site?

And how do we use it for anything that might be relevant to get new members for here?

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-29 18:26:23)
About Pinformant

Hi Garvin, If you really want to help, just use it like you may use Facebook or similar sites e.g. share web pages of interest, comment it and invite friends. The site will help (very much) to get new members here as soon as there are about 1000 active members, thanks to ads of course. You'll see it quickly!

To invite friends, just click the earth icon in the top menu on the right and find your contacts in your webmail or social networks (this inviter will be used at FICGS soon, it may not work on IE or Opera though), or follow this link (if you are connected) to find all ways: