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Game result  (chess)

M. Eldridge, 2541
A. Marciz, 2365


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Don Groves    (2010-05-11)
A suggestion

Add an indication next to each game on the My Games page when that opponent is logged into FICGS.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-05-11 15:25:54)
A suggestion

Hi Don, of course that's very feasible but I just drastically optimized the My games page so that it displays faster (it seems to work, the number of SQL requests went in average from about 30 to 2).

A consequence is that one can see if a player is in vacation on this page only if it's his turn in the game, maybe that's not definitive but I have to make this test and observe how the server reacts.

I'm not sure if your suggestion is really useful (maybe for those who hide the challenges form) but it would be kind of bonus, so if I can do it while avoiding too many tests, why not. For now, I prefer to let this page as it is.

Don Groves    (2010-05-11 23:58:06)
A suggestion

It would be helpful because, given the choice of which game to move next, I would choose the one(s) in which my opponent is online. This enhances the possibility more moves happening quickly in that game.

Philip Roe    (2010-05-12 01:07:56)
A suggestion

Don, Somone who is not as nice as you might move against players who are not present, so as to put extra time on their clock.

Don Groves    (2010-05-12 05:37:23)
A suggestion

Philip, This happens all the time anyway since we have players from around the world. When I log on, usually very few of my opponents are online, sometimes none.

Benjamin Block    (2010-05-13 14:47:40)
A suggestion

Change order of witch game... When i surfing on my Nintendo DS. I use the mobile version of ficgs. It is very good but my DS can only do the poker games, the other one is too wide. The thing that would be great is, if it would show all the poker games that it is my turn in, first. Then the other. It would save me a lots of time and job ("go to next game").

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-05-13 16:50:35)
A suggestion

Benjamin, did you try to filter the games per game ? Just click the card icon next to "Here are your pending games"...

Benjamin Block    (2010-05-13 18:57:23)
A suggestion

Thanks! i did not see that one.





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