A missing link to the rules


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Lionel Vidal    (2006-06-01)
A missing link to the rules


Would it be possible to have a direct link to the rules on the menu list of your home page in FICGS?
I would find useful to be able to access the rules at the same level of waiting lists, tournaments, forum and so on.
Or maybe there is an easy way I did not see?
(This is nitpicking, the site is already great :-))
Best wishes.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-06-01 15:14:43)
FICGS rules

The Membership (& rules) page link is reachable when your are not connected. (so, from the home page)

Or you can find the link in Help section.

Lionel Vidal    (2006-06-01 15:21:00)
FIGS rules

Thank you, the link through the help section is just fine. Sorry I did not see it at first.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-06-01 15:37:17)
FICGS rules

No problem, the website may be quite unclear in some places. Anyway I have to improve many parts of it.

(FICGS, Lionel... FICGS :))

Lionel Vidal    (2006-06-01 15:47:57)
FICS, no FIGCS, no, FIGSG, er...

Despite all my efforts I still think faster than my fingers, or that my keyboard, or both, and the Post button is so easy to reach without thinking at all :-)
I'll try to do better!