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Dinesh De Silva    (2007-07-13)
A certain email chess website.....

Dear chess friends, I want to bring to your attention that there's a certain chess website (which plays only by email) of a certain South American country where the main Arbitor who owns the website cheats and favours certain players in a world championship final. Playing there is at your own risk.

1.He protects certain players by saving them when they even have stepped the time limit twice. (He cunningly sends the game into adjudication etc., instead of dealing with the proof). 2.When requesting that an opponent should provide email proof in certain critical situations, he protects them by refusing that at all times. 3.He blames the persons who make a claim by saying "Don't Be Rude!", instead of taking action against those who clearly break rules. 4.The website keeps popping in and out on the internet, and the website says its under construction most of the time! 5.He does not send monthly reports to players. 6.He does not show finished games. 7.He stays silent for months and says he has lost files due to a virus. 8.He does not include some finished games in some reports. 9.At least 3 other players have already withdrawn from the tourney. 10.He has extended the tourney twice already! obviously trying to favour his favourite playes who are very slow players to climb up in the list. Pathetic!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-07-13 13:53:11)
A certain email chess website

Hi Dinesh... May I not know this chess website ?!

Maybe a chance to remind to everyone all chess servers & sites which organize a "correspondence chess world championship" ? .. That could help, without naming it :)


Dinesh De Silva    (2007-07-13 14:31:34)

In my opinion, the best chess websites include FICGS, IECG & ICCF, all 3 which I enjoy playing in & where I've never had problems regarding tournaments. Lets hear from other players which good chess websites they enjoy playing in & can recommend.

Kevin D. Plant    (2007-07-13 22:15:46)
Chess websites

I like using this site and also www.chessworld.net www.schemingmind.com http://www.chess-videos.com/forum/