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Wayne Lowrance    (2009-09-07)
A Big Mouth on Rybka Forum

Howdy Thibault & all.
There is a poster on the Rybka forum who has sort of a big mouth. He claims that Rybka IA feature is not best for CC games, claims it is too time consuming and at any rate he blubbers and brags that those who use IA are not able to defeat him. I am using my own language here in a jist of the conversation of his. He further says that he never spends more that a matter of hours cogitating his move using a 3 tear "long game" approach to working his moves. Timers such at 60' 40 moves @ 1st tier etc (don't remember his 2nd tier timer. In any case he claims he can get to depth 40 in mid game situations using a "long game" three tier mode. and finds moves that are superior to IA running a day or more (he doesn't seem to understand that most CC players use IA in a special Centaur way and the Program is a tool. He gives little respect for 2500 CC rated Centaur players using the feature IA. He beats such players all of the time, he say's with his Rybka usage with his very modest hardware against 2500 players using IA. I am skeptical. I asked where he plays CC (out of courosity) and he will not tell where. a Poster in response to his post believe he plays CC where computers are not allowed, I have no idea in this regard. I told him that I play at FICGS where computers are welcome and a 2500 rating on this server is very high. There are many well known players held in high regard playing at FICGS that would "clean his clock" with him playing as he say's he does. So what is my point. I am wondering if I can invite this guy to join FICGS and that his lofty rating can be accepted. I shall invite him to Join our SM #11 tourney. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-09-08 00:10:04)
A Big Mouth on Rybka Forum

Hi Wayne, does he have any rating (FIDE/IECG/ICCF) ?

I would be curious to see some games by him of course :)

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-09-08 02:09:18)
Big mouth

Hi Tribault, No I dont think so, but that is a good idea. Maybe he will share a game or 2 with us

Tano-Urayoan Russi Roman    (2009-09-08 09:05:01)
Mr Lowrance

Don't waste your time with such characters. Mr Uri Blass has already revealed his methods, he plays in a site where engines are not allowed and he cheats using them. He has already made the same silly arguments before, he just wants attention.

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-09-08 17:45:00)
Big Mouth

Yes, you are right. I will take your advise.