8 bit trip stop motion

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thibault    (2009-09-08)


8 bit trip stop motion

Here are 1500 hours of moving legobricks and taking photos of them featuring super mario, pacman & megaman.

Source : Youtube

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 8-bit Trip: Stop-motion LEGO + Nostalgia + Chiptune
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 8-bit trip, crazy lego stop motion through nes history Video
ebaumsworld > video/watch

1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of...
If you are the original creator of material featured on this website...

 8-bit Trip: Stop-motion LEGO + Nostalgia + Chiptune... (CrunchGear) » TechNews.AM
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 8-Bit Trip – Stop Motion Lego Animation

 8 Bit Trip ( Lego Stop Motion )
gametrailers > user movie

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 8-Bit Trip - Lego Stop-Motion Awesomeness • VideoSift: Online Video *Quality Control
videosift > video

 Stop-motion Lego tribute to 8-bit video games - Boing Boing
boingboing > 2009/0

is a stupendous stop-motion Lego tribute to classic video games...

 8-bit trip, crazy lego stop motion through nes history
digg > comics animation

 8-Bit Stop Motion Trip With Legos Video
break > index

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 Lego Stop Motion: 8 Bit Trip Goes Viral | Digital Buzz Blog
digitalbuzzblog > lego stop motion

industry news, social media, insights, and other great digital...
steve: It may not have communicated a unique or original...
Valencio: Really captures the way I felt when first...

 8-Bit Trip: 1500 Hours of Lego Stop-Motion in Four Awesome Minutes | Gadget Lab | Wired.com
wired > gadgetlab/2009/0

 "8-Bit-Trip" Stop-Motion-Video - 8 Bit Motion Trip Stop Video - bendecho
bendecho > fef4963

 8-Bit Trip Might Just Be One of the Greatest Lego Music Videos Ever Created - Video Games - Gizmodo
gizmodo > 5343

8-Bit Trip Might Just Be One of the Greatest Lego Music Videos Ever...
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What combines Lego, stop motion animation and a tribute to 8-bit...

 8-bit Trip Lego Stop-Motion

 LEGO Stop-Motion Video [VIDEO]
buzzfeed > peggy/lego stop motion video

Nicki Minaj channels her inner Juggalo for the Spring issue of V...
Having had friends and family that worked for Disney, I can say...

 Lego Stop Motion: 8 Bit Trip Goes Viral | Digital Buzz Blog « uberVU conversation
ubervu > conversations/www.digitalbuzzblog.com/lego stop motion

 Stop Motion Wednesday: 8-bit Trip
ideabounty > blog/post/2376/stop motion wednesday

 8-BIT Madness Trip Video with stop-motion Lego’s | GeekTyrant
geektyrant > 2009/0

 Awesome: “8-Bit Trip” Stop Motion Lego Video > Unnecessary Umlaut > Elbows Music Blog Aggregator
elbo > post/1940


 Computerlove™ | Connecting Creative Talents.
cpluv > www/feeditem/797

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 8-bit trip – Lego stop motion tribute to 80’s video games | Technorama
chuckchat > technorama/?p=12

 8-bit Trip: Lego stop motion - markpascua.com
markpascua > 2009/0

 8-bit trip – Lego stop motion tribute to 80’s video games.

 Midsize Musings - ‘8-bit Trip’ | #lego + Stop Motion + 8-bit video…...
tumblr.ryancoleman > post/1705769

 8-Bit Trip: Stop-Motion And Legos Never Looked So Good
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 Stop Motion Legos 8 Bit Trip - VIDEO | GoodforGreat.com
goodforgreat > stop motion legos

 8-Bit Trip: Lego + Video Games + Stop Motion = Epic WIN | Onelargeprawn
onelargeprawn > 2009/0

In what could possibly be one of the greatest Lego music videos yet...
The video was created by animator Tomas Redigh and musician Daniel...
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 8-bit trip Video
vodpod > watch/2094710

 "8-bit Trip" Using Cool Lego Stop-Motion Animation on Gawkk

 8-bit trip - Video - YouTube
wikio > video/1565263

 8-bit trip (FREAKIN' INCREDIBLE stop motion) - GameOn Gaming Forums
forums.gameon > showthread.php?p=4204

 The best lego stop motion: 8 bit trip - Mastercom Advertising and Communication Blog
mastercom.over blog > article 3521726

The realisation of this stop motion in Lego has taken...
1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of...

 8 Bit Trip: Insane LEGO Stop-Motion | signaltheorist.com
signaltheorist > ?p=405

 8-Bit Trip Lego Stop Motion Video - Internet Siao

Air Swimmers are Radio Controlled Floating Fish Balloons That Swim in...
Super Cool Stop Motion Video Recreates Video Game Scenes From a Huge...

 RSSmeme | 8-bit trip, crazy lego stop motion through nes history
rssmeme > story/12915732

 Adcentered: 8-bit trip (Lego stop motion)
adcentered.typepad > adcentered/2009/0

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 8-bit trip | Stop motion lego music video - SpeedGuide.net Broadband Community
forums.speedguide > showthread.php?t=263017

 Take an 8-Bit Trip With This Amazing Stop Motion LEGO Animation | Tweeaks Design
tweeaks > 2009/0


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