3 fold repetition working correctly


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Hannes Rada    (2008-05-20)
3 fold repetition - working correctly ?

Does the server recognise a 3 fold repetition correctly ? If I am not too much confused, I think that my game against Balabaev - game 17830 - has been terminated after 2- fold repetition. Can you please take a look into that. Not really important because this game is definitely a draw, but it looks for me like a bug.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-05-20 23:58:25)
3 fold repetition

Hmm.. The server most probably replaced the last move played by Farit (which actually provoked the threefold repetition) by the final result, sorry about that, I'll correct this bug soon - and the game.

Hannes Rada    (2008-05-21 10:32:44)
3 fold repetition

Thanks, Thibault. Now it's clear.