3 fold repetition


3 fold repetition

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Andrew Stephenson    (2008-02-12)
3 fold repetition

Hi thibault I was just wondering is there a draw rule on FICGS by 3 fold move repetition?

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-13 00:33:31)
Threefold repetition

Hi Andrew. The server should recognize most cases and adjudicate games by itself, yes.

Mladen Jankovic    (2008-02-14 16:38:47)
Since when?

I remember a game where 3-fold repetition happened and wasn't noticed by the server (I haven't noticed it either). The game ended up being counted as a loss.

Andrew Stephenson    (2008-02-14 17:10:57)

Hi Thibault just to clarify your answer there IS a draw by 3 fold repetition rule at FICGS? What happens if the server does not notice? As an insurance should the player making the claim notify the referee that he intends to play a move that will lead to the the same position appearing on the board (with the same player to move) for the 3rd time?

Garvin Gray    (2008-02-14 19:00:38)
draw claims

Hello Andrew,

A point about the laws of chess from your last post.

The player who is claiming the draw via three repetition of position does not actually play the third move on the board. They are to get the arbiter (in this case referee) and indicate which move they wish to play.

The arbiter then makes the required ruling (draw or incorrect claim).

By the laws of chess, if you were to play the move on the board, it is then your opponent's move and you can not make any claim for a draw.

So taking this for server play, the server should not say draw until one person has made a successful claim. The reason for this is that both players may still want to play on after the third repetition.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-15 00:49:14)
Since when?

Hi Mladen, threefold repetition was not recognized when using the new interface until a few months ago.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-15 00:56:58)
draw claims

Thanks for pointing out this rule, Garvin. The server detects threefold repetition, and the game IS automatically adjudicated as a draw when it happens. I think it is reasonable for internet chess, but it is not specified in the FICGS rules yet, so I may have to change this.

Mladen Jankovic    (2008-02-15 09:59:55)

I still use the old interface, as it works even in a command-line browser (don't ask).

Still, that game was a long time ago, and I only noticed a few months after it was over.

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2008-02-15 14:14:52)
Command line browser ..

Hi Mr Jankovic, sorry if I am a little off topic, but I am curious, which command line browser do you use?

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-15 14:16:15)

...in a command-line browser ?? oh yes I ask :) why the new interface couldn't work the same way ?!

Mladen Jankovic    (2008-02-16 15:00:33)

The new interface seems to be mainly graphical, and I doubt that Links has JavaScript implemented. I prefer to input moves using notation manually, regardless.

The command line browsers I used so far were various variants of Links. I use those if I'm stuck with just the terminal for one reason or another. Or if I'm playing certain openings and don't bother switching to graphical interface.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-24 01:00:57)

Hi Mladen. It is still possible to enter moves in the textfield through the new graphical interface.