2nd FICGS chess world championship


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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-17)
2nd FICGS chess world championship

Hello to all.

2nd FICGS chess WCH just started only 6 months after the first one and with about 75% players more.

24 tournaments with an elo average from 1620 to 1698, 1 group M (elo average 2363) and 4 quarter final matches in the knockout tournament :

GM Farit Balabaev (2569) - FEM Wolfgang Riemer (2415)
Thibault de Vassal (2514) - FEM Wolgang Utesch (2460)
SM Peter Schuster (2537) - FIM Harry Ingersol (2456)
Wolfgang Kund (2557) - SM Wladyslav Krol (2423)

By seeing the first moves, I predict the 4th quarter final will be a very exciting match with risky games :)

Thanks to all for enjoying these tournaments, I wish you good games and may the best player win !


WCH waiting list will stay open during next months for eventual replacements.