2nd FICGS chess WCH waiting list is open


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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-30)
2nd FICGS chess WCH waiting list is open

Hello to all.

The waiting list for the 2nd FICGS chess world championship is open !

The 2nd stage of the first cycle may begin before the end of 2006. Thus, a new WCH cycle should begin every 6 months !

A small update in the rules : "A player can't be involved in two consecutive knockout tournaments." (of course, the 8 players involved in the quarter finals during the last cycle can enter the round-robin tournaments cycle)

Several logical reasons to this change : More fun & more chances for more high-rated players, decreasing the risk of rating peaks & to see a world champion involved in several knockout tournaments & candidates finals... to play the final match against himself :)

[edit : this rule is no more effective, simulations show the results wouldn't be interesting enough, and as it will be hard to start a new WCH cycle every 6 months, it's simply better to see the highest rated players in the knockout tournament, whatever the consequences]

Good luck & best wishes to all...

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-10-31 02:43:50)
2nd FIGS chess WCH waiting list is open

Tribault de Vassal. Would you kindly remove me from the waiting list. Thank you. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-31 09:58:18)
2nd FICGS chess WCH waiting list is open

Hello Wayne.

I can do this tomorrow. If the issue is about rating, please note that ratings taken in account at the start of the tournaments (TER : Tournament Entry Rating) are current ones at this time - november rating if this cycle starts ie. on december 15) - so ratings will be automatically updated in the waiting list...

Kind regards.

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-10-31 21:49:40)
2nd FICGS chess WCYH waiting list is ope

Ahhhh, that was the reason. I wanted to enter with my best rating. If I understood you correct, That wont be a problem, given that the waiting lists ratings are updated. I would like to re-submit my name, can you do it, or should I resubmit ? Thank you Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-01 01:20:00)

Hi Wayne.

Ratings have just been updated. Feel free to re-enter the waiting list :)