The Next world chess Champion


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Neel Basant    (2013-04-02)
!!! The Next world chess Champion !!!

Hi all

Who will be the next World champion ?
How much psychological warfare will be drawn ?
Older ( in chess term) generation or Younger generation?
And most of all What will prevail ?
Options are two.
Chose one of them and explain.
1. Psychological warfare and emotions
2.Accurate evaluation .

Alvin Alcala    (2013-04-02 17:46:55)
!!! The Next world chess Champion !!!

Anand. Experience + Good opening preparation. Maybe in next WCCC cycle Magnus will prevail.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-04-06 21:52:45)
!!! The Next world chess Champion !!!

Very hard to say this time...... really.

Magnus could crush Vishy, Vishy could crush Magnus... everything quite possible!

Charlie Neil    (2013-04-21 19:59:04)
!!! The Next world chess Champion !!!

Now it is Carlsen v Anand. Vishy will find it hard to prepare as as far as I can see Magnus plays just about any opening with confidence. Krammik and Gelfand are theorists while Carlsen is a player.

Scott Nichols    (2013-04-23 00:39:31)
!!! The Next world chess Champion !!!

Carlsen is in a class by himself, much the same as Fischer was in the late 60's and early 70's. Anand had a tremendous talent, but the years do take there toll. I predict not only a win by Carlsen, but a shattering of Anand's ego and will leave no doubt in the world of chess, finally the questions will be answered.