¿ Quién es el más famoso ?

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¿ Quién es el más famoso ?

Abd-ar-Rahman III (891–961), Emir (912–929) and Caliph of Cordoba (929–961).
Abraham Olano (born 1970), 1995 World Cycling Champion and 1998 World Time-Trial Champion.
Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia (1240 – c. 1292), philosopher, early kabbalist.
Adelina Patti (1843–1919), coloratura soprano.
Adolfo Suárez (born 1932), Prime Minister (1976–1981).
Aguas Santas Ocaña Navarro (born 1963), first lady of Honduras.
Agustín Díaz Pacheco (born 1953), journalist and novelist.
Agustín Díaz Yanes (born 1950)
Agustín Moreto y Cavana (1618–1661), dramatist and playwright.
Al-Mansur (c. 938 – 1002), de facto ruler of Muslim Al-Andalus in late 10th - early 11th centuries.
Albert Costa (born 1975), 2002 French Open Men's Singles Champion.
Alberto Iglesias (born 1955), film music composer.
Alejandro Amenábar (born 1972)
Alejandro Sanz (born 1968), pop/ballad singer.
Alfonso X of Castile (1221–1284), El Sabio ("The Wise").
Alfonso X of Castile (1221–1284).
Alfredo Di Stéfano (born 1926), five consecutive times European Champion (with Real Madrid, 1956–1960; scored 49 goals).
Alfredo Kraus (1927–1999), tenor.
Alfredo Landa (born 1933)
Algafequi, ophthalmologist, Spanish word gafas (glasses) was created after him.
Alicia de Larrocha (born 1923), pianist.
Amando de Ossorio
Ana Belén (born 1951)
Ana Belén (born 1951), she's married to Víctor Manuel
Andoni Zubizarreta (born 1961), goalkeeper, 126 times international with Spain
Andrés Gimeno (born 1937), 1972 French Open Men's Singles Champion.
Andrés Manuel del Río (1764–1849), geologist and chemist, discovered vanadium (as vanadinite) in 1801.
Andrés Segovia (1893–1987), classical guitarist.
Andrés Trapiello (born 1953), novelist, poet, Essay' author.
Angelines Fernández (1922–1994)
Antoni Tàpies (born 1923), abstract expressionist painter.
Antonio Banderas (born 1960)
Antonio Buero Vallejo (1916–2000), playwright.
Antonio Cánovas del Castillo (1828–1897), Prime Minister.
Antonio Díaz-Miguel (1933–2000), coach, enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1997.
Antonio Gala (born 1936), poet, dramatist and novelist.
Antonio Machado (1875–1939), poet.
Antonio Soler (1729–1783), composer, known for his harpsichord sonatas.
Antonio de Nebrija (1441–1522), scholar, published the first grammar of the Spanish language (Gramática Castellana, 1492), which was the first grammar produced of any Romance language.
Antonio de Ulloa (1716–1795), scientist, soldier and author; joint discoverer of element platinum with Jorge Juan y Santacilia (1713–1773).
Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario (born 1971), 10 Grand Slam titles winner (4 singles, 6 doubles).
Arnold of Villanova (c. 1235 – 1311), alchemist and physician, he discovered carbon monoxide and pure alcohol.
Arturo Pérez-Reverte (born 1951), best-selling novelist and journalist.
Arzachel (1028–1087), mathematician and the foremost astronomer of his time; contributed to the famous Tables of Toledo.
Averroes (Ibn Rushd) (1126–1198), philosopher, tried to reconcile Aristotle's system of thought with Islam (see Averroism).
Azorín (José Martínez Ruiz) (1863–1967), journalist, poet, novelist and essayist.
Baltasar Gracián (1601–1658), author of El Criticón, influenced European philosophers such as Schopenhauer.
Baltasar del Alcázar (1530–1606), poet
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1618–1682), painter.
Bartolomé de Las Casas (1484–1566), humanist, advocate of the rights of Native Americans.
Benito Pérez Galdós (1843–1920), novelist.
Benito Zambrano (born 1964)
Bernardino de Sahagún (1499–1590), Franciscan missionary, researched Nahua culture and Nahuatl language and compiled an unparalleled work in Spanish and Náhuatl.
Bigas Luna (born 1946)
Buenaventura Durruti (1896–1936), anarchist leader.
Camilo José Cela (1916–2002), novelist, Nobel Prize Laureate (1989).
Carlos Atanes (born 1971)
Carlos Checa (born 1972), GP motorcycle racing rider.
Carlos D. Cidon (born 1959), chef.
Carlos Fernández Casado (1905–1988), civil engineer, designer and builder of bridges and viaducts.
Carlos Jiménez Díaz (1898–1967), doctor and researcher, leading figure in pathology
Carlos Moyà (born 1976), 1998 French Open Men's Singles Champion.
Carlos Núñez (born 1971), bagpipes and Galician (Celtic) music performer.
Carlos Ruiz Zafón (born 1964), best-selling novelist.
Carlos Sainz (born 1962), 1990 and 1992 World Rally Champion.
Carlos Saura (born 1932)
Celso Bugallo (born 1947)
Charles III (1716–1788), King of Spain (1759–1788).
Charles V (1500–1558), Holy Roman Emperor (1530-1556 but did not formally abdicate until 1558), ruler of the Burgundian territories (1506–1555), King of Spain (1516-1556), King of Naples and Sicily (1516-1554), Archduke of Austria (1519–1521), King of the Romans (or German King). Though he is often referred to as Carlos V, he ruled officially as Carlos I, hence Charles I of Spain.
Charo (born 1941), singer.
Charytin (born 1950), singer.
Claudio Sánchez-Albornoz (1893–1984), historian, prominent specialist in medieval Spanish history.
Conchita Martínez (born 1972), 1994 Wimbledon Women's Singles Champion.
Conchita Supervía (1895–1936), mezzo-soprano.
Cosme Damián Churruca (1761–1805), explorer, astronomer and naval officer, mapped the Strait of Magellan (1788–1789).
Cristina Sánchez (born 1972), bullfighter.
Cristóbal Zaragoza (1923–1999), novelist and philosopher, Planeta Prize Laureate 1981.
Daniel Pedrosa (born 1985), youngest GP motorcycle racing World Champion of 125cc and 250cc.
Darío Urzay (born 1958), painter, graphic artist.
David Bisbal (born 1979) pop singer.
David Trueba (born 1969)
Diego Salcedo (1575–1644), first Spaniard killed by Puerto Rican Taínos.
Diego Velázquez (1599–1660), painter.
Diego de Almagro (1475–1538), explorer and conquistador, first European in Chile.
Dovergroup of four, all members are from Spain
Dámaso Alonso, poet, Cervantes Prize Laureate (1978).
Eduardo Mendoza (born 1943), writer.
Eduardo Torroja (1899–1961), civil engineer, structural architect, world famous specialist in concrete structures.
Edward Aguilera (born 1976), first European member of Menudo.
El Greco (1541–1614), painter and sculptor.
Elena Anaya (born 1975)
Emilia Pardo Bazán (1851–1921), novelist.
Emilio Sánchez-Vicario (born 1965), 3 Grand Slam Doubles titles winner.
Emma Calvé (1858–1942), soprano.
Enrique Granados (1867–1916), composer.
Enrique Jordá (1911–1996), conductor, music director of the San Francisco Symphony (1954–1963).
Enrique Urquijo (1960–1999), New Wave music singer.
Esteban Terradas i Illa (1883–1950), mathematician, physicist and engineer.
Fausto de Elhúyar (1755–1833), chemist, joint discoverer of tungsten with his brother Juan José de Elhúyar in 1783.
Federica Montseny (1905–1994), anarchist, politician and writer.
Federico García Lorca (1898–1936), poet and dramatist.
Federico Martín Bahamontes (born 1928), 1959 Tour de France winner.
Feliciano López (born 1981), 2 ATP Tour titles winner.
Felipe González (born 1942), Prime Minister (1982–1996).
Felipe Reyes (born 1980), Real Madrid player.
Ferdinand II, the Catholic (1452–1516), King of Aragon (1479–1516), Castile and Leon (1474–1504, with Isabella), Sicily (1479–1516), Naples (1504–1516) and Valencia (1479–1516).
Ferdinand VII (1784–1833), King of Spain (1813–1833).
Fernando Alonso (born 1981), 2005 and 2006 Formula One World Champion.
Fernando Fernán Gómez (born 1921)
Fernando Fernán Gómez (born 1921)
Fernando León de Aranoa (born 1968)
Fernando Martín (1962–1989), Estudiantes, Real Madrid and Portland Trail Blazers player.
Fernando Méndez Leite (born 1944)
Fernando Rey (1917–1994)
Fernando Sancho (1916–1990)
Fernando Savater (born 1947), philosopher and essayist, known for his writings on ethics.
Fernando Trueba (born 1955)
Fernando de Rojas (1465–1541), novelist, author of La Celestina (1499).
Ferran Adrià (born 1962), chef.
Fran Vázquez (born 1983), player.
Francisco Ayala (born 1906), novelist, Cervantes Prize Laureate (1991).
Francisco Franco (1892–1975), Army general and dictator, ruled Spain for 41 years as "Caudillo" (1939–1975).
Francisco Gento (born 1933), Real Madrid Player. Winner of six UEFA Champions League.
Francisco Hernández (1514–1587), botanicist, carried out important research about the Mexican flora
Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros (1436–1517), cardinal, statesman, and regent of Spain.
Francisco Pizarro (1471–1541), conqueror of the Inca Empire in Peru.
Francisco Rabal (1926–2001)
Francisco Suárez (1548–1617), one of the most influential scholastics after Thomas Aquinas.
Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909), composer and classical guitarist.
Francisco Vásquez de Coronado (c. 1510 – 1554), explored New Mexico and other parts of the southwest of what is now the United States (1540–1542).
Francisco de Enzinas (1518–1552), humanist and translator of the New Testament
Francisco de Goya (1746–1828), painter and engraver.
Francisco de Orellana (c. 1500 – c. 1549), first European to explore the Amazon River.
Francisco de Quevedo (1580–1645), novelist, essayist and poet, master of Conceptism.
Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla (1607–1660), dramatist.
Francisco de Vitoria (c. 1480/86 – 1546), member of the School of Salamanca, precursor of international law theory.
Francisco de Zurbarán (1598–1644), painter.
Fray Luis de León (1527–1591), poet of the Spanish Golden Age.
Fray Tomás de Berlanga (1487–1551), bishop of Panama, discovered the Galápagos Islands.
Félix Lope de Vega (1562–1635), poet and playwright.
Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente (1928–1980), naturalist, leading figure in ornithology, ethology, ecology and science divulgation
Gabino Diego (born 1966)
Gabriel de Castilla (1577–1620), sailor; in 1603 he became probably the first man ever to sight Antarctica.
Garcilaso de la Vega (1501–1586), Renaissance poet.
Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (1744–1811), main figure of the Spanish Age of Enlightenment, philosopher, statesman, poet and essayist.
Gaspar Sanz (1640–1710), composer, dominate figure of Spanish baroque music.
Gaspar de Espinosa (1467/1477 – 1537), soldier and explorer, first European to reach the coast of Nicaragua, co-founder of Panama City.
Gaspar de Portolà (c. 1717 – aft. 1784), explorer, founder of Monterey (California).
George Santayana (1863–1952), philosopher, taught at Harvard, author of The Sense of Beauty (1896) and The Life of Reason (1905–6).
Gerardo Diego (1896–1987), poet, Cervantes Prize Laureate (1979).
Gregorio Marañón (1887–1960), doctor and researcher, leading figure in endocrinology
Gregorio Marañón (1887–1960), humanist and medical scientist, important intellectual of the 20th century in Spain.
Guillermo Timoner (born 1926), six-time World Motor paced Track Cycling Champion (1955, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1965).
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1836–1870), romantic poet and tale writer.
Hadrian (76–138), Roman Emperor (117–138).
Hernando de Soto (1500–1542), explorer and conquistador, first European to explore the plains of eastern North America; discovered the Mississippi river and the Ohio river.
Hernán Cortés (1485–1547), conquistador of the Aztec Empire, explorer of Baja California Peninsula.
Icíar Bollaín (born 1967)
Ignacio Zuloaga (1870–1945), painter.
Ignatius of Loyola (c. 1491 – 1556), theologian, founder of the Society of Jesus.
Isaac Albéniz (1860–1909), composer.
Isaac Peral (1851–1895), engineer and sailor, designer of the first fully operative military submarine.
Isabel Coixet (born 1962)
Isabel Pantoja (born 1956)
Isabella of Castile, the Catholic (1451–1504), Queen of Castile and Leon (1474–1504, with Ferdinand).
Isidore of Seville (560–636), major scholar of the early Middle Ages, wrote Etymologiae, first encyclopedia known to be compiled in western civilization.
Iván Zulueta (born 1943)
Jacinto Benavente (1866–1954), dramatist, Nobel Prize Laureate (1922).
Jaime Ferrán (1852–1929), doctor and researcher, discovered several vaccines.
James I of Aragon (1208–1276).
Jaume Balagueró (born 1968)
Javier Bardem (born 1969)
Javier Marías (born 1951), novelist and translator.
Javier Solana (born 1942), Secretary General of NATO (1995–1999) and High Representative (since 1999) of the CFSP of the Council of the European Union.
Jesús Franco (born 1930)
Jesús Huerta de Soto (born 1956), major Austrian School economist.
Jesús Mari Lazkano (born 1960), painter.
Joan Llaneras (born 1969), Gold medalist (2000 Olympics), Silver medalist (2004 Olympics), seven-times World Points race or Madison Track Cycling Champion (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2006, 2007).
Joan Manuel Serrat (born 1943), Catalan singer-songwriter.
Joan Miró (1893–1983), painter, sculptor and ceramist.
Joan Oró (1923–2004), biochemist, carried out important research about the origin of life, he worked with NASA on the Viking missions.
Joane Somarriba (born 1972), three-time Grande Boucle winner (2000, 2001, 2003).
Joanot Martorell (1413–1468), author of the first modern novel, Tirant lo Blanc (1490).
Joaquín Cortés (born 1969), dancer.
Joaquín Rodrigo (1901–1999), composer and pianist, known for his Concierto de Aranjuez.
Joaquín Sabina (born 1949), singer-songwriter.
Joaquín Turina (1882–1949), composer.
John of the Cross (1542–1591), mystic poet.
Jon Juaristi (born 1951), poet and essayist.
Jordi Mollà (born 1968)
Jordi Savall (born 1941), film music composer.
Jorge Guillén (1893–1984), poet, Cervantes Prize Laureate (1976).
Jorge Manrique (1440–1479), poet.
Jorge Martínez Aspar (born 1962), GP motorcycle racing rider, four-time World Champion 80 cc (3) and 125 cc.
Jose Luis Perales
Josep Borrell (born 1947), President of the European Parliament (2004–2007).
Josep Comas i Solà (1868–1937), astronomer, discovered the periodic comet 32P/Comas Solá and 11 asteroids, and in 1907 observed limb darkening of Saturn's moon Titan (the first evidence that the body had an atmosphere).
Josep Trueta (1897–1977), doctor, his new method for treatment of open wounds and fractures helped save a great number of lives during WW2.
Joseph de la Vega (1650–1692), businessman, wrote Confusion of Confusions (1688), first book on stock markets.
José Calderón (born 1981), Toronto Raptors guard.
José Carreras (born 1946), one of The Three Tenors.
José Celestino Bruno Mutis (1732–1808), botanicist, doctor, philosopher and mathematician, carried out relevant research about the American flora, founded one of the first astronomic observatories in America (1762).
José Echegaray (1832–1916), dramatist, Nobel Prize Laureate (1904).
José Luis Borau (born 1929)
José Luis Garci (born 1944)
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (born 1960), Prime Minister since 2004.
José Luis Sáenz de Heredia (1911–1992)
José Manuel Fuente (1945–1996), twice Vuelta a España winner (1972, 1974), second in Giro d'Italia (1972), thrird in Tour de France (1973).
José María Algué (1856–1930), meteorologist, inventor of the barocyclometer, the nephoscope, and the microseismograph.
José María Aznar (born 1953), Prime Minister (1996–2004).
José María Gabriel y Galán (1870–1905), poet.
José María Olazábal (born 1966), winner of 2 Major Championships.
José Ortega y Gasset (1883–1955), essayist.
José Ortega y Gasset (1883–1955), philosopher, social and political thinker, author of The Revolt of the Masses (1930).
José Zorrilla y Moral (1817–1893), poet and dramatist, author of Don Juan Tenorio (1844).
José de Acosta (1540–1600), one of the first naturalists and anthropologists of the Americas.
Juan Antonio Bardem (1922–2002)
Juan Bautista de Anza (1736–1788), soldier and explorer, founded San Francisco, California.
Juan Carlos Ferrero (born 1980), 2003 French Open Men's Singles Champion.
Juan Carlos I (born 1938), King of Spain since 1975.
Juan Diego Botto (born 1975)
Juan Gris (1887–1927), cubist painter.
Juan José Linz (born 1926), Sterling Professor of Political and Social Science at Yale; Prince of Asturias Award (1987) and Johan Skytte Prize (1996) Laureate.
Juan Luis Vives (1492–1540), prominent figure of Renaissance humanism, taught at Leuven and Oxford (while tutor to Mary Tudor).
Juan March Ordinas (1880–1962), politician and businessman.
Juan Marsé (born 1933), novelist.
Juan Ponce de León (1460–1521), first European to explore Florida (1513); he founded the first European settlement in Puerto Rico (1508).
Juan Prim (1814–1870), general, liberal leader, revolutionary and statesman.
Juan Pujol, alias Garbo (1912–1988), double-agent who played a key role in the success of D-Day towards the end of WW2.
Juan Ramón Jiménez (1881–1958), poet, Nobel Prize Laureate (1956).
Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo (1499–1543), explorer, founded the city of San Diego, California.
Juan Ruiz de Alarcón (c. 1581 – 1639), dramatist.
Juan Sebastián Elcano (1476–1526), explorer and sailor, first man to circumnavigate the world.
Juan Sánchez Vidal (born 1958), renowned collector..
Juan de la Cierva (1895–1936), aeronautical engineer, pioneer of rotary flight, inventor of the autogyro.
Juana of Castile frequently called "the Mad", queen of Castile and Leon. Daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand.
Juanma Bajo Ulloa (born 1967)
Julio Iglesias (born 1943), pop singer.
Julio Medem (born 1958)
Julio Palacios Martínez (1891–1970), physicist and mathematician
Julio Rey Pastor (1888–1962), mathematician, leading figure in geometry.
Julián Marías (1914–2005), philosopher. Wrote the History of Philosophy
Leandro Fernández de Moratín (1760–1828), dramatist and neoclassical poet.
Leonardo Torres Quevedo (1852–1936), engineer and mathematician, pioneer of automated calculation machines, inventor of the automatic chess, pioneer of remote control, designer of the funicular over the Niagara Falls.
Leopoldo O'Donnell, Duke of Tetuan (1809–1867), general and Prime Minister (1856; 1858–1863; 1864–1866).
Lolita Flores (born 1958)
Lope de Aguirre (1511–1561), soldier and adventurer, explored the Amazon River looking for El Dorado.
Los del Río
Lucius Annaeus Seneca (ca. 4 BC–AD 65), one of the main stoic philosophers.
Luis Buñuel (1900–1983)
Luis García Berlanga (born 1921)
Luis Miguel González Lucas (1926–1995), better known as Luis Miguel Dominguín, bullfighter, father of Miguel Bosé.
Luis Ocaña (1945–1994), 1973 Tour de France winner.
Luis de Góngora (1561–1627), lyric poet.
Luis de Pablo (born 1930), composer.
Luz Casal (born 1958), pop singer.
Maimónides (1135–1204), the most influential figure in medieval Jewish philosophy.
Manolo García (born 1955), singer-songwriter.
Manuel Azaña (1880–1940), Premier (twice) and President during the Second Spanish Republic.
Manuel Castells (born 1942), sociologist, author of the well-known trilogy The Information Age.
Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón (born 1942)
Manuel Jalón Corominas (born 1925), inventor of the mop (1956) and a world-wide used "two-piece" disposable syringe (1978).
Manuel Orantes (born 1949), 1975 U.S. Open Men's Singles Champion.
Manuel Santana (born 1938), 5 Grand Slam titles winner (4 singles, 1 doubles).
Manuel de Falla (1876–1946), composer.
Manuel del Popolo Vicente García (1775–1832), tenor.
Marc Coma (born 1976), won the Dakar Rally in 2006.
Marcelino Menéndez Pelayo (1856–1912), philologist, historian and erudite.
Margarita Salas (born 1938), biochemist, molecular genetist and researcher.
Mariano José de Larra (1809–1837), literary journalist.
Mario Camus (born 1935)
Marisa Paredes (born 1946)
Mark Consuelos (born 1970)
Martín de Azpilicueta (1492–1586), economist, member of the School of Salamanca, precursor of the quantitative theory of money.
María Gay (1879–1943), mezzo-soprano.
María de Zayas y Sotomayor (1590–1660), novelist.
Mateo Alemán (1547 – c. 1609), novelist.
Mateu Orfila (1787–1853), doctor and chemist, father of modern toxicology, leading figure in forensic toxicology.
Mercedes Deambrosis (born 1955), novelist
Miguel Bosé (born 1956), pop singer.
Miguel Delibes (born 1920), novelist, Cervantes Prize Laureate (1993).
Miguel Indurain (born 1964), Gold medalist (1996 Olympics), 1995 World Time-Trial Champion, World Hour recordman (1994), five consecutive times Tour de France winner (1991-1995), twice Giro d'Italia winner (1992, 1993).
Miguel López de Legazpi (1502–1572), explored and conquered the Philippine Islands in 1565.
Miguel Servet (1511–1553), scientist, surgeon and humanist; first European to describe pulmonary circulation.
Miguel de Cervantes (1547–1616), novelist, poet and playwright, author of Don Quixote (1605 & 1615).
Miguel de Unamuno (1864–1931), existentialist author and essayist.
Miguel de Unamuno (1864–1936), existentialist writer and literary theoretician.
Miguel Ángel Jiménez (born 1964), winner of 13 European Tour titles winner.
Montserrat Caballé (born 1933), soprano.
Montxo Armendáriz (born 1949)
Narcís Monturiol (1818–1885), physicist and inventor, pioneer of underwater navigation and first machine powered submarine.
Nicolás Cabrera (1913–1989), physicist, did important work on the theories of crystal growth and the oxidisation of metals.
Nino Bravo (1944–1973)
Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), painter and sculptor, co-founder of cubism.
Paco de Lucía (born 1947), guitarist.
Pau Casals (1876–1973), cello player and conductor.
Pau Gasol (born 1980), Memphis Grizzlies player, 2001-02 NBA Rookie of the Year Award winner; 2006 FIBA W.C. MVP.
Paul Naschy (born 1934)
Paul Naschy (born 1934)
Paz Vega (born 1976)
Pedrarias Dávila (Pedro Arias de Ávila, 1440–1531), conquistador, founder of Panama and governor of Nicaragua.
Pedro Almodóvar (born 1949)
Pedro Antonio de Alarcón (1833–1891), novelist.
Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1600–1681), playwright and poet.
Pedro Delgado (born 1960), 1988 Tour de France winner.
Pedro Duque (born 1963), astronaut and veteran of two space missions.
Pedro Martínez de la Rosa (born 1971), Formula One driver.
Pedro Salinas (1891–1951), poet.
Pedro Subijana (born 1948), cook.
Pedro de Valdivia (c. 1500 – 1554), conquistador of Chile, founder of Santiago, Concepción, and Valdivia.
Pelayo of Asturias (690–737), founding king of the Kingdom of Asturias.
Penélope Cruz (born 1974)
Philip II (1526–1598), King of Spain (1556–1598).
Philip V (1683–1746), King of Spain (1700–1746).
Pilar Bardem (born 1939)
Pilar Miró (1940–1997)
Plácido Domingo (born 1941), one of The Three Tenors.
Pontius Pilate (probably born in Tarraco – died after 36), Roman Governor of the Iudaea Province (26–36).
Pío Baroja (1872–1956), novelist.
Pío del Río Hortega (1882–1945), neuroscientist, discoverer of the microglia or Hortega cell.
Rafael Alberti (1902–1999), poet, Cervantes Prize Laureate (1983).
Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos (born 1933), conductor.
Rafael Nadal (born 1986), 2005, 2006 and 2007 French Open Men's Singles Champion.
Ramón J. Sender (1901–1982), novelist and journalist.
Ramón Llull (1235–1315), philosopher, writer and theologian; author of Ars magna (1305), a system of logic that influenced Leibniz.
Ramón María del Valle-Inclán (1866–1936), dramatist, novelist and member of the Generation of 98.
Ramón Melendi (born 1979), flamenco-influenced singer.
Ramón Menéndez Pidal (1869–1968), philologist, historian and erudite member of Generation of '98.
Raphael (born 1943), pop singer.
Raúl González (born 1977), first player to reach 50 goals in UEFA Champions League.
Raúl López (born 1980), former Utah Jazz player.
Roberto Heras (born 1974), three-time Vuelta a España winner (2000, 2003, 2004).
Rocio Durcal (1945–2006), singer and actress.
Rocio Jurado (1944–2006)
Rodrigo Rato (born 1949), Managing Director of the IMF since 4 May 2004.
Rosalía de Castro (1837–1885), poet.
Saint Teresa of Avila (1515–1582), Roman Catholic mystic and monastic reformer.
Salvador Dalí (1904–1989), surrealist artist.
Salvador Fidalgo (1756–1803), naval officer and cartographer, explored Alaska in 1790, he named Cordova, Port Gravina, and Valdez.
Salvador Giner (born 1934), sociologist, he had researched on social theory, sociology of culture and modern industrial society.
Salvador de Madariaga (1886–1978), essayist.
Salvador de Madariaga (1886–1978), humanist, co-founder of the College of Europe (1949).
Sancho Gracia (born 1936)
Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852–1934), father of Neuroscience, Nobel prize Laureate (1906).
Santiago Segura (born 1965)
Sara Montiel (born 1928)
Sergi Bruguera (born 1971), 1993 and 1994 French Open Men's Singles Champion.
Sergi López (born 1965)
Sergio García (born 1980), winner of 6 PGA Tour and 6 European Tour titles.
Sergio Rodríguez (born 1986), player.
Sete Gibernau (born 1972), GP motorcycle racing rider.
Severiano Ballesteros (born 1957), winner of 5 Major Championships.
Severo Ochoa (1905–1993), doctor and biochemist, achieved the synthesis of ribonucleic acid (RNA), Nobel prize Laureate (1959).
Shane Ruttle Martinez (born 1979), human rights journalist
Tamara Rojo (born 1974), prima ballerina of the London's Royal Ballet (since 2000); Prince of Asturias Award of Arts Laureate (2005).
Teresa Berganza (born 1935), mezzo-soprano.
Theodosius I (347–395), last ruler (392–395) of a united Roman Empire; made Christianity its official state religion.
Tirso de Molina (1571–1648), playwright.
Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548–1611), the most famous composer of the 16th century (late Renaissance) in Spain.
Tomás de Torquemada (1420–1498), Grand Inquisitor.
Torcuato Luca de Tena (1923–1999), novelist, journalist and lawyer.
Trajan (53–117), Roman Emperor (98–117), under his rule the Empire reached its greatest territorial extent.
Vasco Núñez de Balboa (1475–1519), first European to sight the Pacific Ocean, founder of Darién.
Ventura Pons (born 1945)
Vicente Aleixandre (1888–1984), poet, Nobel Prize Laureate (1977).
Vicente Blasco Ibáñez (1867–1928), novelist, wrote The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1916).
Vicente Espinel (1550–1624), poet and novelist.
Victoria Abril (born 1959)
Victoria de los Ángeles (born 1923), soprano.
Virginia Ruano (born 1973), 8 Grand Slam Doubles titles winner.
Víctor Erice (born 1940)
Víctor Manuel (born 1947), he's married to Ana Belén
Wifredo Ricart (1897–1974), engineer, designer and executive manager in the automotive industry.
Xavier Cugat (1900–1990), bandleader.
Xavier Sala-i-Martín (born 1963), economist, professor at Yale, Harvard, and Columbia.
Xavier Zubiri (1889–1983), philosopher, critic of classical metaphysics.
Yehuda Halevi (c. 1070 – c. 1141), philosopher and religious poet, author of Kuzari.
Àlex Corretja (born 1974), 1998 ATP Tour World Champion.
Àlex Crivillé (born 1970), 500cc GP motorcycle racing World Champion in 1999.
Álex de la Iglesia (born 1965)
Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca (c. 1490 – c. 1559), first European to explore the southwestern of what is now the United States (1527–1536), also explored South America (1540–1542).
Álvaro Bautista (born 1984) motorcycle racing raider, 125cc champion of the World in 2006.
Ángel Cabrera (1879–1960), naturalist, investigated the South-American fauna.
Ángel Nieto (born 1947), GP motorcycle racing rider, 12+1 times World Champion.
Óscar Freire (born 1976), three-time World Cycling Champion (1999, 2001, 2004).

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*xaluce    (2010-05-14 10:51:14)
¿ Quién es el más famoso ?

Penelope Cruz es mi amor !!!! :))

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