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Real name : taalie edward         (profile in the social network)       (blog)

taalie edward

Birthdate : 1964 10 21

Mission : friendship

Country : UNITED STATES     (US)

City : cocody

Occupation : nil

Interests : in friendship

Favourite quote : football

Books, movies, music : actions

Number of posts : 4

Number of points : 41

Description :

i am miss taalie due people do said that i am so fine but i would not say till you seen things by you self i will like to see friends  just good one in the name of God we shall get trur
amen from taalie

Curriculum vitae :

i miss taalie looking for the godd man to be with as good friends them if God says it will turn to another thing then i do not have no to be a answer
that is it  for good why because never can tell what tomorrow will bring

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\'s-gravenhage, 2009-04-05 14:42:25
hello dear one,

hello dear one, i saw your profile and i think that i and you can work together as one so for that i know that is the lord intanvetion by his grace amen lets see what we happen so here is my email (...)

link-exchange, 2009-04-05 14:07:39

hi __________ from any where at all i will like to see from all countrs

seo-general, 2009-04-05 14:02:04
in good faith

all peoples contacts show here __________ from any where at all i will like to see from all countrs

2009-04-03 18:55:40
in good faith

hello dear one i saw your profil and i think that i like tha and will like also to work with you i think so pls dear one i will like you ti contant me at taalie1414edward for more details for i just (...)