Sayers, Michael   (SWE)       [FICGS member # 9915]

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Michael Sayers

Michael Sayers has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 11, lost 6 and drawn 1 other games against an average elo of 1802, does not play advanced chess (fast time controls), does not play big chess, played Go (weiqi, baduk), now 0 running, 1 won, 5 lost, and does not play poker, finally Michael finished a total of 24 games and is not playing any game right now.

Correspondence chess statistics :

vs. Romeo Desouza (1365) :   100%   (3 games, 3 wins, 0 losses)

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undetected checkmate    (2014-05-12 15:57:25)


The 20.Qd6# in this game hasn't been detected as checkmate by the server: (...)

Standard time control abusers    (2014-04-23 09:37:40)

I'm not defending the 29 day delay yet the move every two days isn't abnormal for cc chess. M.S. (...)

Standard time control abusers    (2014-04-21 18:47:59)

p.s. - not everyone uses an engine, some of us still do chess the old fashioned way rather than seeking a quick Rybka/Fritz/Houdini or whatever fix, a (...)

Standard time control abusers    (2014-04-21 18:45:39)

Hi Timofey,

These are just ideas off the top of my head. I don't know what a solution would be to the issues mentioned in the t (...)

Standard time control abusers    (2014-04-21 09:41:12)

Hi Garvin,

Then maybe the solution is reduced maximum time on the clock? "Rapid" could be 10 days +1 day per move, (...)

remove from non-started tournaments    (2014-04-20 16:30:34)

I found the email and sent the missive.

Wishing everyone here a happy holiday weekend!

Michael S. (...)

remove from non-started tournaments    (2014-04-20 09:23:00)

A previous post on the subject mentioned to email to the site director about removals. Maybe someone here knows where to locate the email address? I (...)

remove from non-started tournaments    (2014-04-19 20:45:06)

If the games in one or more, or even all the tournaments, initiated before I can be removed this is fine, but hopefully I can be removed prior to the (...)

Standard time control abusers    (2014-04-19 20:40:44)

I want to offer a general apology to my opponents here re. my late start in deployment of moves by maybe 20 days in some games. Since then, I have mo (...)

remove from non-started tournaments    (2014-04-19 17:05:55)

I am hoping to have myself removed from those lists, with apologies for having entered too many!

Michael S. (...)