Kris, Mik   (ISR)       [FICGS member # 1227]

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Mik Kris

Mik Kris has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 1, lost 7 and drawn 0 other games against an average elo of 1823, does not play advanced chess (fast time controls), does not play big chess, played Go (weiqi, baduk), now 0 running, 6 won, 22 lost, and does not play poker, finally Mik finished a total of 36 games and is not playing any game right now.

Go (weiqi, baduk) statistics :

vs. Samy Ould Ahmed (1092) :   0%   (2 games, 0 wins, 2 losses)

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Last messages by Mik Kris in the forum :

iv seen most of the films with go    (2008-06-02 10:24:17)

"the go master" and "the go masters" are nice there are a few more movies and tv shows (...)

so thing you might not know about go    (2008-05-29 06:37:00)

go is not about making a better move its about keeping the game equal you cant win in go unless youre oponent had a misstake that you fix or a simpl (...)

Please understand I realy want to help    (2008-05-28 08:56:08)

But this way any one looking for a fast game is at a disadvange compering to some one wanting a slow one Why cant you just add a function asking you (...)

sure yes    (2008-05-27 20:17:14)

yes but a scrolling message is hardly enough i cold be afk while the game begins and just not know it happend also i might miss a whole game in a half (...)

Thanks for the quick response    (2008-05-27 19:51:18)

I am sorry I did not think my original idea it all the way And forgat my manners for a moment there I wold like to thank you for building this g (...)

i am a go player looking for some thing    (2008-05-27 19:01:02)

i know there arent so many of us here but one thing i wuld like to be able to do is to say chalnge some one for a game also how about behing able to (...)