Jaroszewski, Rodrigo   (BRA)       [FICGS member # 426]

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Rodrigo Jaroszewski

Rodrigo Jaroszewski has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 8, lost 15 and drawn 1 other games against an average elo of 1341, does not play advanced chess (fast time controls), does not play big chess, does not play Go (wei-ch'i, baduk), and does not play poker, finally Rodrigo finished a total of 24 games and is not playing any game right now.

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Last messages by Rodrigo Jaroszewski in the forum :

Hmm...    (2007-09-18 06:20:30)

Wouldn't it be better to ask Peter what he thinks about this? I know some people that would actually be offended if the opponent withdrew, even if th (...)

Good luck    (2006-10-12 20:18:47)

Good luck for you four! (...)

(repetition)    (2006-10-12 20:16:46)


Rapid & Blitz    (2006-10-12 20:16:30)


Amazing as it might be, it looks Kramn (...)

Kramnik    (2006-10-12 05:38:01)

Oh, forgot to say it, since you commented after posting the moves for g11. You probably read it already, but Kramnik's latest open letter says he'll (...)

Hmmm    (2006-10-10 19:18:09)

Even with a pawn up, Thibault? I mean, after 60...Bb6 61.Rxe5 fxe5, White being uncapable of threatening both Black pawns or moving his King towards e (...)

g11    (2006-10-10 18:37:31)

Is it my impression or Kramnik wimped out of a rook exchange by 60...Ra5 and missed a good position with a passed pawn?

Most of the (...)

Fritz et al.    (2006-10-10 18:28:43)

You can try Fritz and the like (Shredder, etc.), as they come with a chess coach that give small tips like "I don't think you should put your Q (...)

Re:    (2006-10-10 05:27:08)

Use Toga II if you're looking for a freeware one. Crafty was simply too unreliable. 15 minutes of brute-force search, returning ~18-ply results with (...)

Re:    (2006-10-05 11:42:35)

Basically, I'm playing to force myself to learn. In July, when I began my first game in FICGS, I knew nothing and had nobody to teach me. Since the p (...)