Anderson, Peter W.   (GBR)       [FICGS member # 8548]

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Peter W. Anderson

Still learning about chess after so many years. I am obviously a slow learner!

Peter W. Anderson has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 56, lost 2 and drawn 162 other games against an average elo of 2304, played advanced chess at fast time controls, now 0 running, 0 won, 1 lost, 3 drawn, played big chess, now 0 running, 1 won, 1 lost, 0 drawn, does not play Go (wei-ch'i, baduk), and does not play poker, finally Peter W. finished a total of 226 games and is not playing any game right now.

Correspondence chess statistics :

vs. Eros Riccio (2437) :   50%   (36 games, 0 wins, 0 losses)
vs. Alan Ludgate (2370) :   53%   (16 games, 1 wins, 0 losses)
vs. J. Robert Archer (2484) :   50%   (9 games, 0 wins, 0 losses)
vs. Jeroen Van Assche (2508) :   50%   (8 games, 0 wins, 0 losses)
vs. Vladimir Antonov (2384) :   50%   (8 games, 0 wins, 0 losses)
vs. Jan Ohlin (2167) :   56%   (8 games, 1 wins, 0 losses)
vs. Roy Shapland (2375) :   56%   (8 games, 1 wins, 0 losses)
vs. Hakan Stromberg (2287) :   62%   (8 games, 2 wins, 0 losses)
vs. Igor Dolgov (2481) :   62%   (8 games, 2 wins, 0 losses)
vs. Thibault de Vassal (2270) :   68%   (8 games, 3 wins, 0 losses)

Advanced chess statistics :

vs. Alvin Alcala (2489) :   37%   (4 games, 0 wins, 1 losses)

Big chess statistics :

vs. Stephane Legrand (2253) :   50%   (2 games, 1 wins, 1 losses)

Peter W.'s favorite game is : Chess

Style of play : Depends on my mood

Is Peter W. addicted : Yes :)

Uses engines : Yes but I like to think for myself too

Favorite engines : The usual suspects :)

Favorite chess player : Alekhine. Of current players Kramnik.

Languages spoken : English and a little french

Occupation : Retired

Favorite quote : If you are going through hell, keep going.

Favorite movie : Amelie

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