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Jerrett Cannon

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Mission : Interact with people I otherwise would never have the opportunity to do.

Country : UNITED STATES     (US)

City : Dallas

Occupation : Clean-up Man

Interests : A little bit of everything

Favourite quote : Think about all we know and Imagine all that we have yet to learn. Were the first graders of the Galaxies.

Books, movies, music : Anything and everything

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I'm a true Libra, Artist, Poet, Usually Quite, I'm interested in anyone's ideas and thoughts on almost any subject. I have been skateboarding for about 20 years. I ride a 20" BMX. I do Tattoo's every now and then. I ride a scooter to work because there fun to ride, I have severe Consantlylatus Syndrome. Does anybody write their about me the same way all the time cause If I did this Tomorrow it would probably sound like a different person I'm describing. Well this is the me I feel Like Today, Everyone forms their own idea regardless of what a person says anyway. Does anybody read these, I don't. Oh and I'm a nasty porno freak when its appropriate.

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I do not know what I'm being asked to type here So here is what I thought I should because I don't feel like goggling curriculum vitae btw I'm not stupid I just don't know everything.  I have the time to do what I want when I want and most of the things I like to do are Free, It's hard to believe I was created to just Work for 70% of my lifetime that doesn't leave much time to learn, Discover, experience our planet and each other peacefully with a open mind

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