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Chinahanji Power Co., Ltd -We are a Professional manufacturer of

Diesel Fuel Injection Parts, Such as Nozzle, Plunger & Barrel,

and Delivery Valve and so on. All the products are gone through

serious and strict quality control process, and have already

exported to various countries of all over the world Our

excellent Quality has been performance in various kind of

reputation brand ---BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, Delphi and so on. The

price is good, the delivery is quick, the service is good, good

service or help is free.

We are committed to providing the highest quality parts at the

lowest price. Below are the unit quotations of some parts as

your reference:
Rotor Head 3-6cyl:USD25-40/pc
Element & plunger A, AD, P, B USD3-5pc
Element & plunger MW.P7100, Ep9 USD8-20/pc
Pencil nozzle 27333, 8N7005 USD12-40/pc
Nozzle (all types) USD3-5/pc
Delivery valve USD1.5-3/pc   
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Tel:+86-594-3603380  Fax:+86-594-3603560 Contact name:Ms Guo

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