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google-adsense, 2012-04-20 07:41:25
Google AdSense

Google AdSenseis a Google service for which the webmaster inserts a website text-based, images or video ads, called AdWords into their website, and get money for each 'click' that visitors click on th(...)

google-adwords, 2012-04-09 12:51:46
Google AdWords Tips

With AdWords there is no minimum monthly charge, only one activation fee symbolic. Learn more about the cost of advertising with Google AdWords. For more information about Google AdWords or to begin c(...)

google-adsense, 2012-04-09 12:50:54
Google AdSense

Google does not provide any amount of money for each 'click', varies with each advertiser, and it is Google that decides this amount. However, in every moment you can see how much money you're winning(...)