Vidal, Lionel   (FRA)       [FICGS member # 338]

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Lionel Vidal

Lionel Vidal has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 2, lost 4 and drawn 6 other games against an average elo of 2236, does not play advanced chess (fast time controls), does not play big chess, played Go (weiqi, baduk), now 0 running, 3 won, 15 lost, and does not play poker, finally Lionel finished a total of 30 games and is not playing any game right now.

Correspondence chess statistics :

vs. Janos Helmer (2260) :   50%   (2 games, 0 wins, 0 losses)

Go (weiqi, baduk) statistics :

vs. Thibault de Vassal (1197) :   0%   (2 games, 0 wins, 2 losses)
vs. Mikhail Ruzin (2062) :   0%   (2 games, 0 wins, 2 losses)
vs. Claude Brisson (1961) :   0%   (2 games, 0 wins, 2 losses)
vs. Daniel Xu (1524) :   0%   (2 games, 0 wins, 2 losses)
vs. Nick Ioffe (1472) :   0%   (2 games, 0 wins, 2 losses)
vs. Tetsuya Kobayashi (2110) :   50%   (2 games, 1 wins, 1 losses)

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Last messages by Lionel Vidal in the forum :

Is a one day limit mandatory?    (2007-10-21 11:24:52)

Playing three rounds in one day is already very hard. What would you think of running a tournament for several days (like one round per day): that wou (...)

Xiangqi    (2007-03-27 23:09:46)

The number of french xianqi players is of course nothing compare to the number of french chess players (which is BTW quite low compared to other count (...)

Xiangqi    (2007-03-27 19:42:35)

The fact that xiangqi is the most played game in china (much more played than Go!) is enough to make it the most played game in the world :-) <br& (...)

Chess and Xiangqi    (2007-03-27 15:57:30)

A very interresting article in Chesscafe ( by K.Müller on some endgame similarities in chess and xiangqi.

Xiang (...)

Computer Go    (2007-03-25 11:24:50)

While I agree that programming Go is much more a problem of algorithm than a hardware one, I think you underestimate the theorical difficulties.<br (...)

Not too up-to-date article...    (2007-03-23 18:59:07)

Computers are much better in chess now than in 1998 ( :-) or :-( ... hum maybe :-( for me...). I am not sure that a player, even J. Edwards (very good (...)

Chat and SSL    (2007-03-12 17:48:07)

Ok, I reinit Opera passwd base (in french 'la baguette' :-)) and now it works fine!
I am not sure what happened, but the security increas (...)

Chat and SSL    (2007-03-12 17:17:09)

Hello, Is there a link between SSL and the chat window? What I type in the chat form does not appear anymore after sending.
Maybe it is my (...)

Go and Chess    (2007-01-21 17:49:41)

About your point number 3... A chess world champion could very well note its moves before playing and yet be mated in one move :-)
In Go pr (...)

scrabble+    (2006-12-09 21:24:05)

Your idea for scrabble is interesting but the luck seems still there (not that luck is a problem per se IMO): even if the letters are shown, their ve (...)