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Elmer Valderrama

* Blunders are all there, waiting to be made. * Some part of a mistake is always correct. * The winner of a game is the one who has made the next-to-last blunder. * Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders. * Sacrifices only prove that someone has blundered. * Ich mache Fehler - also ich existiere! (I make errors, therefore I am!). * Das Schach ist nur durch die Fehler existenzberechtigt (The existence of chess can only be justified by the necessity of making errors). * There is really only one mistake in chess - underestimating your opponent. * To avoid losing a piece, many a person has lost the game. * Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do; strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do. * The great master places a Knight at e5; mate follows by itself. * Some Knights don't leap - they limp. * A draw can be obtained normally by repeating three moves, but also by one bad move. * Moral victories do not count. * A threat is more powerful than its execution. * It is always better to sacrifice your opponent's men. * Let 'S' be the strength that a player professes, And 's' represent what in fact he possesses, From a small calculation we reach the conclusion that 'S' minus 's' must equal Illusion. * All chessplayers should have a hobby. * A chess game is divided into three stages: the first, when you hope you have the advantage, the second when you believe you have an advantage, and the third... when you know you're going to lose!. * Reti studies mathematics although he is not a dry mathematician; represents Vienna without being Viennese; was born in old Hungary yet he does not know Hungarian; speaks uncommonly rapidly only in order to act all the more maturely and deliberately; and will become the best chessplayer without, however, becoming world champion. * I had a toothache during the first game. In the second game I had a headache. In the third game it was an attack of rheumatism. In the fourth game, I wasn't feeling well. And in the fifth game? Well, must one have to win every game?. -All quotes by Dr. Savielly Tartakower, (as compiled by Terry Crandall on The Game is Afoot

Elmer Valderrama has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 3, lost 0 and drawn 3 other games against an average elo of 2253, does not play advanced chess (fast time controls), does not play big chess, does not play Go (wei-ch'i, baduk), and does not play poker, finally Elmer finished a total of 6 games and is not playing any game right now.

Elmer Valderrama

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Okey, Okey, guys, that's not bad for an introduction of e-mail(?!) CC techniques for beginners..

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Unjustified resignations are equally disturbing (but not that common) so they deserve equal treatment in my opinion.

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Look no further. Here it is.

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So Bush's national ELO is even lower ;-)

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..At least we got an inmediate response after the criticism ;-)

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As the title couldn't be more awefull, let's try to improve it:

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..nice description of the candidates' campaign strategy, Thibault :-)

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Has it been already published?

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I've got nothing against chessbase, but as you can see, they go so low quality that is impossible to ignore them ;)

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