Baeza Ibanez, Eduardo Alex   (CHL)       [FICGS member # 9829]

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Eduardo Alex Baeza Ibanez

Last status : let's play chess!!

Hi, i'm from Chile and i try to play in different servers, i think It's the best way to know better this game. I want to be better and have a good game level.

Eduardo Alex Baeza Ibanez has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 2, lost 10 and drawn 0 other games against an average elo of 1806, played advanced chess at fast time controls, now 0 running, 1 won, 2 lost, 0 drawn, played big chess, now 0 running, 1 won, 5 lost, 0 drawn, does not play Go (wei-ch'i, baduk), and does not play poker, finally Eduardo Alex finished a total of 21 games and is not playing any game right now.

Correspondence chess statistics :

vs. Claudio Giordanino (2005) :   0%   (2 games, 0 wins, 2 losses)
vs. German Berdich (1456) :   100%   (2 games, 2 wins, 0 losses)

Eduardo Alex Baeza Ibanez

Eduardo Alex's favorite game is : Chess

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