Allport, Misha   (BRA)       [FICGS member # 13442]

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Misha Allport

Fortaleza, Ceara-Brasil

Misha Allport has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 14, lost 10 and drawn 1 other games against an average elo of 1744, does not play advanced chess (fast time controls), does not play big chess, does not play Go (wei-ch'i, baduk), and does not play poker, finally Misha finished a total of 25 games and is not playing any game right now.

Misha Allport

Misha's favorite game is : Chess

Why Misha likes Chess : The contemplative nature of pre-1848 classical chess

Style of play : "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."

Is Misha addicted : Without doubt.

Uses engines : In analysis.

Favorite engines : The usual suspects.

Other games played : Only chess.

Favorite chess opening : Check out my games and you have your answer.

Favorite chess player : Aron Nimzowitsch and the SSC' players

Favorite Go player : Unknowm

Favorite poker player : Unknown

Favorite player at FICGS : Misha Allport

Languages spoken : English, Portuguese and a bit of Bahasa Indonesian, Macedonian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and French.

City : Fortaleza

Club : (Team) Bolivia

Mission : the Tao through Wu-Wei. Avoiding 'missions.'

Interests : History, IR, Film, music, literature and poetry.

Occupation : Professor

Favorite website :

Personal website :

Facebook profile : Unthinkable

Favorite quote : "All things come in their time"

Favorite movie : Farewell, My Lovely(1975)

Favorite music style : Virtually every style

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Number of moves affect the ratng result?    (2022-10-03 22:21:52)

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Number of moves affect the ratng result?    (2022-10-03 22:16:56)

I am referring to a LOSS to a superior player ranked 600+ points ahead of me. (...)

Number of moves affect the ratng result?    (2022-10-03 16:58:26)

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Withdrawal from Standard Tournament    (2021-06-27 18:47:48)

I respectfully request withdrawal from the Standard Tournament -Class E- #000239 for personal reasons. Thank You, Allport, Misha (...)

Waiting List Expiration.    (2021-05-26 16:36:51)

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