van Dijk, Erik L.     (NLD)        [member # 8528]

Correspondence chess ELO : 2276      

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Statistics for rated correspondence chess games :

Running : 4         Won : 86         Lost : 33         Draw : 179

Elo average opponents : 2046

Results : 58 %           With white : 63 %           With black : 54 %

Statistics for other rated games : advanced chess, big chess, Go, poker

Birthdate :     1962   March   12

Last connection :   2024 June 12

I am a financial consultant from Zeist, The Netherlands. In the past I have been active at the management level in chess as well. I used to be a board member of the Dutch Chess Federation. The last few years I did not have enough time to play, unfortunately. This year I decided to take my hobby more serious again. I hope to meet interesting chess friends and play fascinating games.

Erik L. van Dijk

Favorite game : Chess

Likes Chess because : The combination of art, sports and math

Style of play : Rational

Addicted : In a way

Other favorite games : Sudoku

Favorite chess opening : Depends on my mood

Favorite FICGS player : no idea yet, but that might change soon

Languages spoken : English, Dutch, German and a bit of French, Turkish

City : Zeist

Club : none at the moment

Mission : To enjoy life, and to learn as well

Interests : Chess, Finance, Music, Sports, Travel

Occupation : Financial Consultant

Favorite website : The Google search engine

Favorite quote : Yes we can

Favorite movie : Depends on my mood....

Favorite music style : Oh there are more of them

Erik L. van Dijk - Informations (Chess statistics)