Ibbitson, Tony     (GBR)        [member # 8420]

Correspondence chess ELO : 1372      

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Statistics for rated correspondence chess games :

Running : 0         Won : 3         Lost : 15         Draw : 0

Elo average opponents : 1709

Results : 16 %           With white : 0 %           With black : 33 %

Statistics for other rated games : advanced chess, big chess, Go, poker

Birthdate :     1982   October   19

Last connection :   2011 May 22

My name is Tony, I have played chess for around 20 years and I'm 28 years of age. I run Leeds Chess Club www.leedschessclub.org and I compete in chess tournaments all over Yorkshire. I love to play and study chess, my favourite chess books are Think Like A Grandmaster and My System. I have a current English Chess Rating of 131 Ecf and I don't currently have a FIDE rating, there aren't many FIDE rated competitions in England so it is quite difficult, I hope to gain a FIDE rating in the future, when I can afford to travel more.

Tony Ibbitson

Favorite game : Chess

Likes Chess because : Chess is my first love.

Style of play : Positional player.

Addicted : Of course.

Uses engines : Only to analyse 'completed' chess games.

Favorite engines : Deep Fritz 12 & Deep Rybka 4.1.

Other favorite games : Chess is the only board game I play.

Favorite chess opening : Ruy Lopez - Exhange Variation(I really enjoy the endgame).

Favorite chess player : Garry Kasparov, of course.

Favorite Go player : Don't play.

Favorite poker player : Don't play.

Favorite FICGS player : Myself.

Languages spoken : English & Jibberish.

City : Leeds.

Club : Leeds Chess Club.

Mission : To reach 175 Ecf.

Interests : Chess, beer, music & beards.

Occupation : Unemployed due to redundancy but usually work in accounts.

Favorite website : www.leedschesscub.org

Website : www.leedschessclub.org www.leedschessassociation.webs.com www.victoriagardenschessclub.webs.com

Facebook profile : http://www.facebook.com/tony.ibbitson

Favorite quote : Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy.

Favorite movie : Stigmata.

Favorite music style : Gothic rock.

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