Alessandrini, Alfredo     (ITA)        [member # 319]

Correspondence chess ELO : 0855      

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Statistics for rated correspondence chess games :

Running : 0         Won : 1         Lost : 17         Draw : 0

Elo average opponents : 1163

Results : 5 %           With white : 0 %           With black : 11 %

Statistics for other rated games : advanced chess, big chess, Go, poker

Last connection :   2008 October 19

I DON'T USE A COMPUTER (To Generate Moves) IN MY CC GAMES BECAUSE:___ ___My opponent may have a better computer ___My computer may play a stupid move ___I can't take credit for a win ___I can't take credit for a draw ___I'll have to share the glory with a machine if I win ___I'll have to share my trophy with a machine if I win ___I'll be contributing to the death of CC ___I HOPE THAT MY OPPONENT ALSO DON'T USE A COMPUTER.......:-)

Alfredo Alessandrini

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