Spencer, Brice     (USA)        [member # 12586]

Correspondence chess ELO : 1500      

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Statistics for rated correspondence chess games :

Running : 0         Won : 0         Lost : 0         Draw : 0

Statistics for other rated games : advanced chess, big chess, Go, poker

Go   0908     running : 0   won : 5   lost : 1

Birthdate :     1976   February   25

Last connection :   2020 March 21

I'm 42 years old. Currently living in Ohio, US. I've been playing Go for about ten years off and on. My highest rank was on KGS where I managed to get to 10 kyu. My current rank (I think) is 12-14 kyu. I am trying to get back into the game again after about 3 years away from it. Finding a partner to play with has been impossible for me. I've had to resort to making my children play with me. While we do have fun playing together, our games aren't challenging to me. My goal is to become a dan player one day.

Favorite game : Go

Likes Go because : Simple to learn and can take a lifetime to master

Style of play : Lately I'm attracted to an older Chinese style.

Addicted : It appears so

Uses engines : I don't know what engines means in this question.

Favorite engines : ?

Other favorite games : I enjoy many card and board games.

Favorite chess opening : I have no favorite

Favorite chess player : None

Favorite Go player : Go Seigen

Favorite poker player : None

Favorite FICGS player : None

Languages spoken : English

City : I try to stay away from cities

Club : No available clubs near

Mission : Earn dan rank

Interests : Farming

Occupation : Farmer

Favorite website : None

Website : None

Facebook profile : None

Favorite quote : The difference between a stupid man and a smart man is a stupid man learns by making mistakes while a smart man learns by watching the stupid man make mistakes.

Favorite movie : None

Favorite music style : 90's and older country music. Not much of a fan of modern country.

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