Anderson, Lawrence     (USA)        [member # 4837]

Correspondence chess ELO : 1594      

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Statistics for rated correspondence chess games :

Running : 0         Won : 12         Lost : 14         Draw : 0

Elo average opponents : 1643

Results : 46 %           With white : 53 %           With black : 38 %

Statistics for other rated games : advanced chess, big chess, Go, poker

Advanced chess   1750     running : 0   won : 0   lost : 0   drawn : 0
Poker holdem   1600     running : 0   won : 0   lost : 0

Last connection :   2011 May 25

Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. I value chess as a paradigm of life. It is infinite (nearly so) in its possibilities. The future always lies ahead. It does little good to grieve too long for the past. Once a move is made it cannot be taken back. The chess player must live with the conditions that now stand as the result of past decisions. All is not lost when a mistake is made. Future good decisions can overcome the weaknesses of the past. A well played game brings much satisfaction. So it is in life. The future lies before us, mistakes can be overcome, we must live with the situation that accrues from past decisions and a life well lived provides its own satisfaction at the end of our days. The one thing that must be done before it's too late is to make one's peace with God, the creator of the universe and all life. He has reached out to us. Will we grab His hand? I became a Christian in 1964 and have never regretted it. I married my beloved wife in 1968 and my love and appreciation for her has grown every year. She is a gift from God. We have three daughters. The oldest is married and has given us two grandsons. The youngest is also married and has given us one granddaughter and expects to give us several more grandchildren in the future. All are also a great gift from God. My most important task in life is to live honorably before God, my family and the rest of the world. I carry this philosophy into my chess competition and in all other activities of my life, including the many and varied vocations I have called my career.

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