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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-05-12)
Money chess and Go tournaments

FICGS money chess & Go tournaments will be open today !

At last, after the next update (in a few hours) including legal informations (home page / rules) and the 'My account' page, the money chess & Go games can start.

Players interested are invited to read rules (updated) in its entirety, particularly 04. Entry fees, 05. Prize money, 06. Warranties, 07. Money transfer ...

Feel free to discuss rules for entry fees and prizes in this thread, some points may have to be clarified yet. It's a long time I think about these rules to make them most interesting at the same time for the players and the server, according to french taxes & laws.

Of course, all free tournaments will remain free. As FICGS becomes a commercial server, the more players will enter money tournaments, the more ads on the internet so the more players :)

Time controls for money chess games & tournaments are 30 minutes + 1 minute / move (lightning), 2 hours + 2 hours / 40 moves (blitz), 30 days + 1 day / move (rapid), 40 days + 40 days / 10 moves (standard). Thematic chess money games will be played at blitz time control.

Time controls for money Go games & tournaments are 30 minutes + 1 minute / move (lightning) and 30 days + 1 day / move (standard).

Nick Burrows    (2007-05-12 20:45:57)

Im not sure that i follow the formulas correctly.
If i enter a 2 player gold tourney for 100 e-points, and win. Do i recieve a 150euro cash prize and 47 e-points?

What are the alternative payment methods to moneybookers? as i dont have a credit card. Cheers, nick.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-05-12 21:18:01)

If you do not ask for a money prize, you'll get 197 E-Points. If you ask for a money prize, you'll get 150 Euros. Your choice...

About Moneybookers, it is possible to send money to and from your bank account (so without a credit card).

See also Moneybookers frequently asked questions :

Nick Burrows    (2007-05-12 22:10:28)

For each 100 euro ticket, ficgs takes 25 euros as a rake?
The standard poker rake for a 100 euro heads up match would be 5 euro only.
This makes it very difficult to only break even.
Thanks, nick.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-05-12 23:16:53)

Actually, ie. for a Gold blitz game (chess) the rake is 3 E-Points for White and 0 E-Points for Black !

There are 2 different rakes, a one-time rake on money entry fees (or money prizes) and another one, much lower, on E-Points entry fees : If you play only one game (a win) and ask for a money prize, the rake is the money prize one, 25 Euros (let's call it 'money prize rake') but the more games you play before asking money prizes, so applying the E-Points rake, the more the global rake will tend to the 'E-Points rake' which is much lower.

"Money prizes have to be compared to E-Points prizes that are much higher : A win in a Gold blitz game is worth 197 E-Points, meaning the more games you play before to ask for a money prize, the less charged games are. In example, if you buy 3 Gold tickets (3 x 100 Euros), you'll get 300 E-Points, then you play 30 Gold blitz chess games (15 as White and 15 as Black) : 29 draws and 2 wins with White. Finally you have 300 - (30 x 100) + (15 x 100) + (13 x 97) + (2 x 197) = 455 E-Points. At the end, if you ask for a money prize for the last game you won, you'll get a 150 Euros money prize and your E-Points account will be 455 - 197 = 258 E-Points"

Quite complicate to visualize but as FICGS is not a casino, there's a normal value added tax on money entry fees in Europe (that's why money prizes for gold tournaments can't exceed 150 euros). This way, I think the rule is quite interesting for players who play at least 10 games... Trying to write it in a clearer way.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-05-13 12:29:22)


Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-05-13 12:44:12)

Hi, Thibault!
Congratulations! ;)

I am interested in money thematic games. :)
I can play in evenings at 6 on clock (server time).

- Traxler counterattack with white (Nxf7 and Bxf7)
- Evans gambit with black
- Latvian gambit with white (I like Svedenborg very much :) )

I offer 30 EUR money stakes. If I win I get some money. If not, then money goes to my opponent.

Can I transfer 30 EUR to FICGS account in

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-05-13 14:04:07)
Thematic tournaments

Hi Ilmars :)

Yes, you can now transfer money to FICGS account. (see "My account")

It is not possible to choose your opening in the money thematic tournaments in waiting lists, but I can create the games handly. If you don't find an opponent, I'll play it.

Best wishes.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-05-13 18:36:17)
Thematic money games

I transfered money to FICGS account. Now I must wait only.

I can play every day at 18 o'clock. But not two days in row. :)
If I am in FICGS at that time it means that I want to play.
Does anyone want to play it?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-05-13 23:04:03)
Traxler counter attack

Congrats for a well prepared line against Traxler :)

Thanks for inauguring money tournaments...